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The Warrior Song (Vid)

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Excellent song.




Here I leave one more. from the group Sabaton.

With the same idea. The honor of our heroes.

Fallen in battle.






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And all of 'em hetero !!!grin.gifrofl.giflol.gifyikes.gifok.gifdrinks.gif


Hou doe,



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DWCAce, that kicks ass. That should be a recruitment commercial. If that doesn't get your blood pumping, then you must be a liberal. :grin:



Suicidal, cool track! Never heard of them before, but I like it, it rocks. 111.gif




Here's another contribution, it's... more sombre, so I hope it doesn't kill the mood. But I absolutely love it and feel chills and am moved every time I listen to it (which is why I don't do it often)




Iced Earth - Ghost of Freedom

Jon Schaffers deep rich guitars are etherial and Matt Barlow's vocal delivery is just perfect. Matched with the chorus... the effect is just amazing.

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The song is very beautiful.

Talk about the real thoughts of a soldier

He misses his home. The circle of death becoming more closed.

But do not stop, do not stop to think about the girls he lost.

If it continues to struggle. by more than the hammer has already fallen.


Here's one especially for Friends of UK.

R.I.P soldiers on both sides

But the Malvinas Argentinas

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