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I have been converting a few WW2 aircraft over to fly in SF2, just for fun. (Merged SF2) I am having a weird problem with the A6M2 Zero, which will now fly in SF2 on every map EXCEPT Vietnam.


I am using the A6M Zero from the Japanese Aircraft Pack by Wrench et al. I have added Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany to my nations.ini file (I had to remove the spaces in the nation names for them to run in SF2. I updated all the aircraft references to the new nation names to reflect this).


Is there a list of valid nations for Vietnam which doesn't include these new nations? Or is it that Vietnam can't handle 1943? My Martlet flies fine on Vietnam terrain in 1943, which would seem to indicate that isn't the issue.


Any ideas, anyone?

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It may be that, in such a case, extract VIETNAMSEA_NATIONS.INI from VIETNAMSEA.CAT, put it in your mod folder in /Terrains/VietnamSEA and add those new nations to the [LimitedNationList].


Be aware though that SF2 is very inappropriate for a WW2 install, SF1 at patch level 06 is the standard for WW2 (partly because support for props changed radically and partly because most WW2 aircrafts are fairly old and never where made compatible with later aerodynamic standards).

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Thanks Gunrunner. I added Imperial Japan to the Limited Nations list and changed the mission start limit to 1934 as well and it worked.


I understand SF1(06) is the preferred WW2 platform, but I only have SF2. Most planes I have tried are OK - with the odd quirk. For example, my Mosquito FB VI becomes allergic to the ground when you put the flaps down. That thing almost hovers! It is just a silly passing phase, but fun. Thanks again for the help.

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How about going an even easier route, and REMOVE the limited nations statement, completely? And remove those limited missions statement, too. (although, you'll have to rebuild the VietnamSEA movements ini to add new shipping routes) They're utter useless for anything other than the Vietnam War of the 60s & 70s.


Your 'VietnamSEA.ini' should look something like this, for WW2:



TerrainFullName=French Indo-China




































kevin stein

Edited by Wrench
to show proper ini

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