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i need some help here , the maximum zoom i can get is not enough for me to see where i stil have some problems to fix on the 3d work . since i dont have the source file for the hunter i can only check the result of my work in game but i can´t get close enough with the zomm to check the details

can sombody help me out here , i have checkt the VIEWLIST.ini with no result and i got the hint that i can change for each aircraft the zoom-radius with the collision data ???? does sombody know a bit more about this


thank you


max zoom is not enough to check the detail in the cockpit area i need to



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Try commenting out all the MaxExtentPosition and MinExtentPosition numbers and see what happens.


As an alternative, put the sim on pause, and then use the Free Camera to zoom in.



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Baby, that is SOME detailing!!! NICE!!



kevin stein

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