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Decal Folders "D" for FE2

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I've tried transfering aircraft from FEG to FE2. It works so far and I've even done some FM updating. But where do I put the decals now? For example, the Pfalz D.IIIa has a "D" folder in FEG. I transfered the skin folder over to my User //Documents/ Saved Games/TW/FE2/ Objects/Aircraft/ PfalzD3a.


It all works except the Decals. What has to be done now. I'm at a loss.

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Decals have to be in User//Documents/Saved Games/TW/FE2/Objects/Decals, all decal path are relative to this one (for decals not found in CAT files).


In your case that means putting them in User//Documents/Saved Games/TW/FE2/Objects/Decals/PfalzD3a/D

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Wow, what a PITA! There is a whole lot of files to change over. Arghblink.gif


I'm going to have to change some things around for all my skins that I posted here. I have a nice easy fix for all the FEG planes that are now in FE2 that use the National Insignias. Since the "TAIL".tga for the rudder is all white background, I'll post new Insignias from FE2 that are renamed "Tail" to place into your new FE2 "Decals" folder. That way you wont have to change every "FilenameFormat" in each aircraft skin Decal.ini from transfered FEG aircraft.


Hope you know what I'm gettin at.

I'll post it tonight

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Easiest and simplest way to get decals to work, when either createing new or transfering over a 1stGen skin/aircraft to SF2/FE2, is to COPY the entire skin folder INTO the /Decals folder. This way, all the pathways in the decals ini remain the same, and need no editing. (although there still might be some issues with the TGAs themselves; sometimes they show a white border.)

Then, just delete the skin bmps, textureset.ini and anything else in this Secondary or cloned folder, leaving the /D subfolder intact.


SO....somethihng like this.....as shown above for Vista/Winge7


User//Documents/Saved Games/TW/FE2/Objects/Decals/PfalzD3a/D . The screenie below is an example only, from the KAW mod for SF2 (please note, the pathway in the address bar is not correct, as this is the backup copy on my external HD)


So, in this instance, the path for the fuselage insignia/nationname/squadron tag for this Corsair would read











with no adjustment needed to the path (ie: FileFormat=), as it'll still be looking for the VMF214 skin folder, now 'cloned' into the /Decals folder


Works for ALL NextGen series SF2/V/E/I and FE



kevin stein

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Just came across this post, as I just got FE2 yesterday and was wondering what was up with the decals. Thanks Wrench!

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