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BHaH Install Order

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Hey guys, OFF Newbie here.


So I've read somewhere that you need to get BHaH, and install the Superpatch for BHaH BEFORE you install HitR, however, the official website says NOT to install the Superpatch prior to installing HitR as I understand it, so what is the CORRECT install order?




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Install Order:


1. If you have older CFS3 CDs, assume that they are version 3.0. If so, install CFS3, and patch it to 3.1 (obtain patch here: http://www.microsoft.../downloads.aspx). Then run the game briefly.

Note: Many newer CFS3 CDs (e.g., bargain version recently offered by Best Buy) are already 3.1. If you own one of these, you DO NOT have to install CFS3 first, but need to have the CDs

ready when you install BHAH.

2. Install BHaH from DVD. Insert CFS3 CDs when asked (if using CFS3 v3.1). Note: BHaH is only available on DVD, no downloads.

3. Download and install BHaH SuperPatch v1.32, followed by MiniPatch v1.32g (found here: http://www.overfland...wnloadsBH&H.htm)

4. Download and install HiTR (purchase info here: http://www.overfland....com/Addon1.htm) Note: available only by download.

5. Download and install HiTR MiniPatch v1.47 (available here: http://www.overfland...m/Downloads.htm)


After you install as per out lined, you should set up as per the FAQ http://www.overfland...on_and_settings


And of course the video card http://www.overfland...ds.com/Tips.htm


Answers to most Newbie questions are featured in


OFF Tips & Cheats STICKY in the Knowledge Base


This Simulation has rather steep learning curve


If you can't find an answer in one of the many Stickies


It's sure as heck going to be in the official FAQ




Everything is written down Somewhere


If you have what you think is a screwy question, ask it


The only stupid question, is the one that's never asked


Copyright Uncleal


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