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It took me 3 month's to figure out what was causing this anomaly. I thought that it was my video card was going south, no not that, Graphics setting in the game, no not that.Something with the AC skin,no not that,Just this aircraft, no others too. Power failure at home reset everythinnnng,no not fixed, Complete reinstall on a new Harddrive,FIXED YA!, no not fixed.I said to myself 'Self' This never happens with my PTO install,Just the WOE? "BINGO" Desktop shortcuts!!! My PTO shortcut is on the desktop,My WOE is on the popup bar at the bottom. I got so use to Double clicking the PTO shortcut that when I went back to flying Jets that I was hitting the mouse twice and loading the game twice, man the frame rate sure takes a hit. So watch that "trigger" finger.


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