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Is it possible to edit the spoilers to go from only roll control to adding them to be speed brakes also? Or is this something in the model that had to be allowed from the creation?


I'm looking at the B-1B and it's spoilers work for roll control and as speed brakes. The difference that I see is the extra RotationAxis=X-AXIS



Thanks in advance.




P.S. Is it also possible to lock out certain control surfaces from working past a certain airspeed or tie it into the flap position? I'm not going crazy, just trying to make something as close to real as possible.

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That works only if two animations (sharing one axis) are defined for the same node. IIRC, there may not be any open animation (IDs) left on that model.

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An example of 'blended' control inputs. The sim will only allow multiple control inputs on a single mesh for elevator/aileron as far as we can tell. Any other combined inputs must be done with invisible 'links' with control surfaces.


As an example from the F-35A OUT file:


RightWing (84 polys, 252 verts) 'Default'

- RightTEFSBAxis (2 polys, 6 verts) '09 - Default'

-- RightFlapAxis (2 polys, 6 verts) '09 - Default'

--- RightTEFAxis (2 polys, 6 verts) '09 - Default'

---- RightTEF (76 polys, 228 verts) 'Default'


Note that the Right Trailing Edge Flap has 3 invisible meshes (just a single polygon) between the wing and the TEF itself that all have the same rotational location and alignment. One is for the speedbrake, one is for the flap, and one is for the TEF movement itself.


So, long answer to a short question...the LOD must have the links available.


As far as speed cutouts, look here:


























I use this entry on the outer flaperons on the B-70. As the wingtips fold down, the flaps (and aileron) are 'locked' and won't move.



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oh, shoot...and here I thought someone was gonna give away the ending of the new "Predators" movie!!


That's good info, FC. Explains/answers some questions I'd have a few days back.



kevin stein

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Bruce Willis was dead the whole film.

Vader is Luke's father.

The Titanic sinks.

The girl was actually a guy.

The butler DIDN'T do it.

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Thanks for all the help. Especially the info from FC. Even it I can't get my thing to work, hopefully it's helpful to someone else.



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