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Mirage IV A alternate data file

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Mirage IV A alternate data file

This is an alternate file for the Mirage IV A previously released by Veltro2K.


Credit goes to him : )


The original 3D model is not available anymore!!!

so => Don't download this file


...unless you're a dinosaur and already have the damn LOD

First, back up the original data file

then, read the readme


This is an updated file, better than the previous one (lol)


- Landing gears and fuel tanks are almost ok.

- New flight model, tested on WOE 06 & 08.


Freeware only, not to be sold in any way!


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What's been fixed? It would be nice to know.


Think Cliff did very much the right job: :good: : much needed major reduction of empty weight and fuel quantity (with something like 40% resp. 70 % !!, amounts were in pounds) to the right values , corrected fuel system and much reduced( ATAR 9K50) engine power......

Some other smaller tweaks as well (had a PM with Veltro with something like this in 2009 as the Mirage IV was launched very much overweight and corrected it for myself ). Maybe the CG position needs a litlle adjustment (I use 0.,00, 0.00, 0.00)


Hou doe,



Edited by Derk

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Well in fact, it was a sort of temporary file, to make the bird fly. It isn't really finished.

I've started a thread in the French section, to improve the MirageIV. If you have some entries to communicate that will be helpfull!

(in english, who cares?)


Don't see this as the final file, it's more a start and it needs updates.

I've just done the easy part, put the real figures I found about the MirageIV.

I don't know about the CG, it's there because of the landing gears location.


All has been explain by Derk, you're an expert!

...and the landing gear was a big pain in the @§$% , and just works enough for now, it still needs some tweaks.


Sorry for the incomplete info, I'll be more precise another time.



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