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How to mod a couple of things please

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In single missions, WOE series 1.


1. on the Planning map screen, you can drag and drop and thus change the places of the waypoints.

Is there a way of changing the heights of where the plane should be on these waypoints- which is what Auto pilot uses-?

IOW, can I say change so that auto pilot to fly at 20000ft?


2 On the loading screen , when I load my ordnance, is there a quick way of loading all my flight the same, or does it have to be done with each individual plane?


I've searched many places including KB but cannot find info.



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I know you can change the waypoints but not sure about the altitude... for waypoints just drag and drop...


Loading Ordnance nope as far as I know its all manual if you want to change the stock-loadouts...

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AFAIK atitude can't be changed for every waypoint but for cruising to and from the target you can adjust things in the missioncontrol.ini under [altitude] , given in meters above sea level and under [waypoint] the attack alitude can be set (at least in SF1 and WOE)


Hou doe,:grin:



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