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Aeritalia G.91Y SFP1 Edition

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Aeritalia G.91Y SFP1 Edition

The G 91Y was a tactical fighter-bomber and reconnaissance aircraft capable of carrying out direct support, close interdiction, photographic reconnaissance and air combat missions.



This aircraft is for SFP1, WOV, WOE, WOI at Oct08 patch standard.

1) Unzip the file G91Y.rar

2) Copy Object and Sounds folders into your game directory (for example: C:\Program Files\ThirdWire\Strike Fighters\...).

And use the weapon editor to install the drop tank

For people with 4/3 monitors : remember to change the entries into G91Y.ini for Loading / HangarScreen.

Animation 1: canopy open

In order to open the drag-chute land with the airbrakes open.

As the real one this model can reach speed over the airframe limit , be careful with the afterburner.


README file includedCredits:

kreelin for the great FM; thaks a lot Andriam

Spillone104 for the jet sound, photos and suggestions during beta testing and SFP1 conversion

Steve S for the invaluable infos about the cockpit , grazie Stefano

bobrock, Soulfreak, Dave, Canadair, 76.IAP-Blackbird, Veltro2k and Nghengo as beta testers

myself ... 3D, skins, pit, blood and tears.


Thank you very much guys


Every part of this mod can be used into others mods only if the final product is free of charge for the community and proper credits are listed into the product itself.



Enrico "erikgen" Gennari


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