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Abbotsford International Airshow 2010

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Hey everybody.


I've been wondering if anyone's heard anything about the show? To put it bluntly, the webpage sucks.

I know the Strike Eagle, Superbug, Thunderbirds and Snowbirds will be making appearances. I've got my

plane tickets bought but I've been holding off buying my show ticket.





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Unfortunately that air show has been sliding down hill and gaining speed since the first gulf war.

Totally lost it's international idea.

I have not gone in 5 years and the price has gone up more than what I'll pay for what little they are presenting.

in the 80's and 90's I never missed a show,even went twice in 1986.

Was a volunteer and sold t-shirts and stuff for 2 shows.

Donated plants and set up displays for the vip and special challets .

Now it's a fizzle.

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The problem was that the Abbotsford Airshow was losing money in the 1990s. It got so bad that they didn't have the show at all in 1998 and had to sell a hanger to recoup the losses that happened in 1997. I brought aircraft to the show in 1999, 2000, and 2001 and the first year, the show was a shell of it's former self. It started ramping up again slowly, but they've been having to keep costs in line, so they can't offer as much to flyers coming in, therefore there is less incentive to support the show. It doesn't help that a lot of the players still have taskings elsewhere.



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As a whole the airshow circuit is less interesting since the beginning of the '90s, also in Europe, where the variety of countries and airforces is quite a bit greater and the distances that have to be covered are smaller. Lots of planes were retired (almost all the former Warpac stuff as well as a lot of Cold war gear) and of course there are enormous budgettary strains. If you look at the RIAT, it's quite a bit less than what it used to be (though still a great show) and the airforce open days are also a lot more difficult to fill up.

Airforces have to cut their flying hours too (RNLAF minus 5000 hrs next year) and generally prices for fuel, maintenance etc.etc. are going up. Added to that we have the economical crisis......

I think it's a general picture.:boredom:


Hou doe,



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Hey guys,


Thanks for the feedback! I took the plunge today and bought the tickets I wanted.

They updated the site this weeekend, I must not have been the only one who bitched.

The lineup looks alright and the static looks good as well.

I got the 'executive club' tickets mainly because I get two meals and a snack and

all the beer I can drink! :yes:


So here is a question for some of my American friends that are in the 'know'....


Does a C-5 support the ACC F-22 Demo? Curious because they have one scheduled

and you would think that they wouldn't fly one in for fun? Also Raptor is scheduled

for Elmendorf on Aug 1, and Offut at the end of the month. I hoping they are bringing

it in and haven't announced it yet.


Anyways, have a good one.



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