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2 installs?...of SFE 2

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with old game format u could copy the game folder and have 2 installs...but with new format you cant ?...or can u make copies of the saved games\3rdwire folders and edit the path to new install?...to get a 2nd working game?...searched but found no info...



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Ok stand by, this is going to be easy.


Right click and copy the SF2:E.exe and paste it in the same folder if you want. It will be named SF2:E- copy .exe or something like that. Then rename it to whatever you want, then run it once, it will create a new folder in your saved games folder the exact name you just named it. There you go, instant second install.

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ahhh thought of that but wasnt sure...thnx dave

wanted a clean install for the NF4+ mod

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grap the exe; I use the SF2.exe, move it up one level to the /Third Wire folder. Rename to whatever you want it to be.

Move it back DOWN into the SF2 folder, with the other exes. Create a shortcut to the renamed exe, change icon to match 'era' or 'region', if you want


double clik the exe; and it'll start the game. Set up options, controls, etc. Select single mission, start single mission with anything; you can fly it or just exit out from there.


Go the Saved Games folded (if vista/7), add any needed folders (effects, flight, weapons, pilots, guns, sounds terrains, etc) Delete any and all unwanted items from Aircart and GroundObjects folders.


Add era specific or region specific items (if it's that type of install) -guns, weaposn, effects, etc.


You can also create new menu screens that are install specific (reccomended), using the Menu Screen pak I uploaded


that's pretty much it, really. Other than finding the bits that fit what you wanted.


btw, after each patch that TK gives us, you'll need to recrate the exe, based off the newly patched version. What I do, so as not to lose the mods folder, is simply rename it.

Say, for instance, it's KAW. I just rename the KAW mods folder to xKAW. Do the exe rename thingy, run the game, which recreates the other folder. Delete it, then rename the xKAW back to KAW. This allows keeping the mods folder intact, and loosing nothing. Kinda cool!


OTH, in the main SF2 installs, any inis you've pull to tweek may disappear, just like they did in SF/Wo*. So to prevent having to remake all the migs flyable again, I 'save as' a copy of each main ini (ie: MiG-21MF.ini) as xMiG-21MF.ini with all the added lines for cockpits, hangarscreens, avionics, etc.



kevin stein

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