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Another flight

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:blink: Egad! I'm exposed!

OK, OK, I'm a Rote Baron star sent here to steal WWI strategy and tactics

But I'm sure you'll all forgive me as I had a great impact on many of Baron's finer moments

- Having crashed all the real Camels on take-off, complete CGI combat scenes were substituted

- Chasing the pretty nurse round made Schweighöfer jealous, leading to all the romantic content

...erm ...my Baron salary check bounced so donations are fully welcome :rofl:

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:grin: I was re watching this film clip and could picture Olham. In the screen vid where Voss is signaling three Albatross s to dive to rescue his wingmate (which doesn t work its near the end of the clip) . I can just picture Olham setting there in the cockpit doing the same thing.:cool:

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I never send my men for rescue - I do it myself, Carrick.

Quicker, and more effectively. That moment with Til Schweiger as Voss

is by far too airy considering, there is a friend of yours in trouble.

Those moments were tense, intensively, straining - no one, however cool he was

on the ground, would grin like that in such a situation.

Not that I totally dislike Schweiger's acting, but here he failed.

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