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Since people is beginning to ask some questions about this mod. I think it will be appropriate that this mod is going to have its own thread. So we can keep you all updated about this project which includes some of the very best modders in this community.


Some have asked when this will be out. The most honest answer I can give you is when it's ready and not a second before, however we in the team aims at a Christmas release, but everybody on the team agrees that we rather spend a half more year, than deliver a half mod we need to patch up later.


Some have asked if this mod is going to be compatible with the 1.st gen games. The short answer is NO. It's time to move on and take advantage of all the new goodies TK have made for this game.


I think without bragging that this mod is going to break several records for any mod previous released. ODS and NF4+ set the bar. And we do not plan to go below that bar in any aspect. Actually we'll raise the bar further. At least this is our plan.


The list of new items included is staggering. The exact numbers will not be reviled before release.


But I can tell you this



xx New, rebuild or never released before aircrafts each x indicate a digit and the first digit is not 0 or 1


xx New pits


xx New ships


x New tanks


Countless of new ground objects and skins


A brand new terrain with its own unique tileset


People have been asking what will be flyable. Short answer anything with a 90%+ prober pit. Anything else is left out for AI to handle. We are so tired of stand in pits in the team.


So IF you want a flyable red side. Then we need good quality pits for this. Or we deliver a flyable blue side only. If some of you want to help with this, then PM me for detail on which aircrafts that need a pit :grin:


We are still a long long way from the finish line. But I think that progress is good and anyone on the team does their best.


The Mig Alley crew

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