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Game Shopping Again: Looking for flight Sim

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Hey guys and gals. I got a little money to blow(emphasses on a little) so I'm wondering what are some of the cool flight sims out there where you can guide the bombs? I've heard of one years and years ago but never got the name of the game.




A cool helicopter attack game...


By the way what are some the cool games that you played in the past or recently? Fighting shooters Flight Sims doenst really matter..


Now some of you might rip me for this one. But I have the ROM for one my favoriate childhood games Super Strike Eagle. Its a super nintendo game where you are an F-15 pilot doing carrier based operations. The fifteen at one time carries like 12 sidewinders and 12 mavericks, rockeyes etc etc.

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There aren't too many of the older sims that are A) easily available and B) easily workable on modern systems.


I know EE: Comanche Hokum is on Good Old Games aka GOG, that's a good helo sim/game especially with the 3rd party mods released over the last 10 years.


As for other games I've played recently, I could literally fill a thread.

RTS: Sins of a Solar Empire, Company of Heroes, Rise of Nations

RPG: Mass Effect 1 and 2

3rd person: Ghostbusters, SW: The Force Unleashed, Alien Swarm

FPS: OFP: Dragon Rising, Borderlands, Chronicles of Riddick, Far Cry 2, FEAR 2, Crysis Warhead, Stalker Call of Pripyat, Alien vs Predator, Bioshock 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Arma2: Operation Arrowhead, Serious Sam HD, Wolfenstein, others I can't recall because there's so many!

Racing: Race 07, Dirt 2, TOCA 3, GRID

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DCS is not cheap and it runs like a pig on my considerably outdated laptop, but from what little I have tinkered in it and seen from youtube, it's the dog's bollocks.


If by guiding the bomb you mean search for, lock up and set a GBU to hit it, then I would say FF5.5 without a shadow of doubt, it runs smooth as silk on my lametop with middling sliders, and best of all it's free! No need for the Falcon 4 disc or anything like that so if you don't like it you haven't cost yourself anything to try it but a little time. There is Allied Force as well, that isn't free but neither is it expensive if you buy second hand from amazon. They say AF is more stable than FF but the development of FF5 to FF5.5 was mostly over stability issues which they seem to have fixed now (I rarely have any problems in single player running on Vista, I don't do MP yet so can't say on that front). There are a number of terrain and graphic overalls for both AF and FF as well as numerous on line squadrons for both.

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