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The Red Baron...

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Hihihi! Watching it, I just thought: maybe that's how we look to our wives, girlfriends, dogs or cats.


Glad you liked it and I think your right... Herr Olham...


And Tranquillo yeah tis one of those I love to watch...

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That's what got me interested in WWI aviation. Snoopy's fantasy life was old hat and very funny, but when I found out that the Red Baron, Fokker Triplane and Sopwith Camel were all real I had to learn more. The rest is history...literally.



And I'm sure that's tame compared to how our wives, et al, see us, Olham.

Edited by von Baur

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Yeah, UncleAl comes to mind, who walked outdoors with his TrackIR clip on the hat.

He must be "Radar Man" or even a "communist telepathic spy" for the neighbours now.



My first memories about what awoke my interest in WW1 combat, was the (rather bad) movie

"Richthofen & Brown". Although it must have been awfully wrong historically, I didn't trace that

as a boy, and got totally excited about the dog fights. (Blue Max I only saw later).


We had one model kit shop in our town, where I found all those boxes with these wonderful

paintings on the cover (that always looked so much better than your finished model would).

One day, they arranged some more professionally built models in a glas cabinet.

The two best looking ones were a Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IX and an S.E.5a.


It took me long time to dare and ask, if I could buy those ready ones, and even longer, until they

decided, that the models had been exposed long enough now. I still remember, that they wanted

7,- Deutsche Mark for each one (which was about 5,- Dollars those days) - a fortune to spend

for a kid with very little pocket money. But I saved and bought them both.

They were masterly painted, and the dark Brunswick green of the S.E.5a was always a special

colour to me. Ah, the memories...

Edited by Olham

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