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F-86 with sidewinders

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I like to play the Korean air war campaign on WOV. Is it possible to mod it so that F-86F sabres can carry sidewinders? I tried it by changing the dates of the first version of the sidewinder but when I would load them and go into flight they were just hanging in the air on the assigned harpoints. Is there a way to get racks for them? Also the Sabre would tend to bank towards the right in flight.


Any help on this would be appreciated

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Regarding the Banking, check if you have this issue on other aircraft - and your Joystick center in Options.


Regarding special racks, you will need to get a later date Sabre that does carry the racks. Since they are a graphic thing as well, I am quite sure they need to be with the model.


Link to two Sabres with Aim-9B Racks:





For Korean War install, Id recommend the F-86F

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Yes, 'winders are DEFINATELY outside the year range for the historic Korean War.



kevin stein

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