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Mig-21R Fishbed H


The first of the third Mig-21 generation.



Recon Camera active on radar screen

Canopy open animation key 10

8 skins included (see pics, please)



3D parts & sounds = Spillone104

Skins etc. = Paulopanz

Screens = C125

Cockpit = Ataribaby/Paladrian (top mirror to remove ...)




Thanks to = Starfighter2 for original SF1 mod guide (see readme); Suhsjake for support



To install: simply put everything in Your mod folder.






Happy recon.



Paul :boredom:


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Great Work man!

Especialy on SPO-3 pods. I work on R too some time and managed to hide mirros (cant hide just top one) but it loses openable canopy. I am not fan of it anyway and all migs in my pack have it cosed. Maybe you can take a look. Its fixed models Pladrian without white artifacts as in latest Mig-21 pack.




Real R pit is like PFM pit with bule paint and pod control panel above gunsight. It also have RWR and AOA gauges. MF pit is good aproximation as i was not able to add RWR into PFM pit.


Also i made SPO-3 as loadable pods and not like Fake pilot way - this way it is visible from pit.


I want to sak you for permision to use some of your work in next mig pack and have question what FM you used as base, cos yours depart in spin and its manageable easily to go out of it. I have excelent Fubar512 early FM mig-21 SP4. It looks like real. Most spins are fatal as in real Mig-21.

Edited by ataribaby

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All things good for a 1.2 version ....




My 3d artist is Spillone104 (ecm pod), my take/off-FM Guru is Baffmeister (not involved in this)

I'm only a skinner/painter


We could work well togheter for a whole 21 line up!


Paul :drinks:

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Looks great! Where can I find the Mig-21S.LOD though


It's in SF-2 stock planes.

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Nice... now I can fly recon Red Style... Just need to remember not to stop for Borscht and a Vodka on the way otherwise running out of fuel is not stylish at all... :good:

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