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OFF on VideoGameGeek - Its a great way to advertise

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Hi guys. How are you all.


Some good news. I have managed to get OFF accepted on VideoGameGeek:




Its a great community of retro and new games, just perfect for OFF. Some people have mentioned the old Red Baron in the forums and I bigged-upped the OFF as its modern replacement with bells-on. After that I submitted OFF for an actual entry in the forum and it was accepted.


Its entry is a bit spartan at the moment, but if we could all join that community and add screen-caps, links to youtube vids, reviews etc. If the game gets a lot of 'activity' on its entry it then appears down the left margin - a status of a buz game. If it does that, then looooooaaaadds of people tend to look at it to see what all the fuss is about.


PS. In the write up info, I was not totally sure of the release date, so I guestimated.




PS. I do not have the Hat in the Ring suppliment so someone ought to review that as well.

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Great Jaa thanks for that, interesting site let's hope it builds up.


Just for the record release for current Phase 3 was January 2009. (Hat in the Ring! addon was Dec 2009)

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May I have permission to include some of the screenshots on




to the videogamegeek website?


Its looking a bit spartan at the moment. (I have already got the ones I like, I just need the permission).


Feel free to post links of any of my videos you might like as well. I'm sure the other video posters probably wouldn't mind you linking their videos either but naturally I can't speak for them. I think I'm closing in on or slightly above 100 OFF videos I've created now, with the majority of them in 1080HD format for quality. A few have voice overs as well, which tends to be more enjoyable. If you think any of them would help, post away sir.





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Hi Jaa, OK that should be fine, just put some credits for anything you use (that includes anyone else's of course) and a link thanks.

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