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A request for the gound object guys

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The Mobile Kitchen Trailer, more commonly known as the MKT. towable by duece and a half, 5 ton truck or LMTV. closes up for travel opens up for some hot goodness on cold German winters. would need to find more pics and can scan a TM for the 3 views. think it would be a cool addition to ground forces or on the highway bases!


ok so this one in pic aint the original. most of the pics i can find online are TINY and all my pics of mine i've worked on are packed during this move. but ya get the idea

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veltro once showed off a MikkyDs ... that I was just dying to add!! Of course, there's the "hot dog stand" that does double/tripple duty on several terrains, and the one building I did up as "Deuce's Bar & Grill" on DBS. (the hotdog stand reappears on the mid-west terrain as "St.Louie Ray's BBQ Shack" -right next to the MWRs!)


Most definately, a myirad of new ground objects are needed by us TerrainEngineers; from simple buildings to vehicles and all sorts of sundry items.


(come to think of it, one could modd the SovietCommandVehicle, as it's nice an boxy, into a 'mobile canteen' -- I turned it into an ambulance for WW2 and Korea -suitably reskinned with a Red Cross)



kevin stein

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@serverandenforcer the hooters will work for all airbases in an north american setting esp if one comes out with a north carolina terrain featuring pope, seymour johnson and cherry point!


@ wrench sounds good for when its rigged to road travel. however it expands when on site and set up to feed. would need an area 30ft x 30ft x12ft high to sit on. Not that i would know:rofl: i was thinkin more the set up version so that you could have a line of infantry guys lined up for chow at the highway bases in europe. hey it would be neat eye candy!

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