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SF2: Europe Expansion 2 Campaign Flyable Aircraft tweak

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SF2: Europe Expansion 2 Campaign Flyable Aircraft tweak

Please note that there is now a Updated Version with Additional Aircraft & Nations added:



This is a Tweak to make more of Thirdwires Stock Aircraft flyable in the Europe 1956 Campaign.


Added Aircraft (All are Flyable in Campaign if cockpit is added, instructions below)


USAF: A-1H, F-84F, P-51D

RAF: Canberra, Spitfire9e, Spitfire 9c, Vampire9

France: F-84F, P-51D


Contains the Campaign fix for the F-100A Super Sabre.

Warsaw Pact Air Force now also operates a few Squadrons of Spitfires,

used as standins for Soviet Props.


Just unzip into your merged Strike Fighters 2 Folder.

You need at least SF2: Vietnam and SF2: Israel Exp 1 for this mod.

Only tested on fully Merged Installation.


You have to make the aircraft flyable by yourself. To do this, simply copy the line:


into the .ini of the Aircraft you wish to make flyable.


Oh, and Good Luck if you choose to fly the P-51D. You are going to need it.


Thanks to: Thirdwire

Its his toys, I only changed their places in the Toybox!

All rights belong to their respective owners.


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very good reccomendation on the F-84F. it is excellent work.


as to the A-1H for USAF, don't believe they got them til vietnam and don't ever recall them being in USAFE. however due to the lack of USAFE assets in 56 campaign lemme shut up and quite rivet counting.

Edited by daddyairplanes

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there would be no SPADs in Europe ... even the French ones were only used in Africa (and then by Gabon)



kevin stein

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Well, I just posted an Update, where I removed the A-1H.

This I did for two reasons: It removed the SF:V requirement and it was not supposed to be there.


No worries tought, I left you plenty of other toys to play with :)

Edited by JonathanRL

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