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Mike Dora

Single Mission CAS - Targets File?

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Can anyone tell me please, what file/text controls the default ground targets for Single Mission CAS sorties?


It used to be that on such missions I was usually faced with groups of MBTs to attack, eg T-55s etc. Lately however (after multiple mods & adaptations) I find myself being tasked to attack individual Taliban in the default SFP desert terrain (using the "Burning Sands" mod), or groups of relentlessly advancing frontline Firecan radar trucks in WOE.


There must be some way I can get back to the honest business of clobbering tanks, surely?





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For randomly generated single missions, the game chooses ground objects with groundobjecttype=TANK out of the ground object folder. IIRC, it's not totally random, but it's definitely not controlled by an entry in a file somewhere. The game engine chooses whatever it wants to. So the only way to control what you get in CAS missions is to 1) write scripted missions, or 2) limit what's in the ground objects folder.


As far as the columns of firecan radars go, I would change the groundobjecttype= in the _data.ini file from TANK to SAM_RADAR. That should fix that problem.

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the firecan issue was already fixed for SF2; change it to EW_RADAR. (or, place ALL the bits in the terrain folders --any and ALL that use them) It's got nothing to do SAMs (BTW, it's a trailer ie: towed unit, not a truck! :grin: )


Infanty unit's are classed as "TANK" for gamming purposes.



kevin stein

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