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Soviet Bombs Pack

Soviet Bombs pack for SF2.



I'm glad to present to you my Soviet Bombs pack. This project took over a year of hard work and involved consulting extracts from the original manuals and the employees of FSUE "Bazalt".


The pack covers bomb designs starting with 1927 when the first Soviet bombs were created based on pre-Revolution models. The complete list is provided at the bottom of the readme.


I can provide anyone with the source files of the models and textures (*.max and *.psd formats) for their use on the following conditions:

- you may freely use the sources to create non-Soviet variants of the bombs (designs from China or WP countries)

- you may freely use them to create non-Soviet bombs and other weapons

- if you want to improve a particular entry in the pack, you must get in touch with me fist

- if you want to make a Soviet bomb omitted from the pack, you must contact me first too





- Unpack to a temporary folder


- Copy flies from Weapons folder to Objects\Weapons in your mod folder


- Copy flies from Effects folder to Effects in your mod folder




1) Despite the popular belief bomb names such as FAB-250, 500 etc do not mean that the bomb weight is exactly 250, 500 etc kg. The bomb types are in fact more strictly regulated in terms of size than weight. According to 1941 standards a FAB-250 had to have a diameter of 325 mm, length of no more than 1500 mm, but could weigh 220-280 kg.


Further examples:

FAB-250 M46 - 220 kg

FAB-500 M46 - 428 kg

FAB-250 M54 - 236 kg

FAB-500 M54 - 473 kg

FAB-250 M62 - 227 kg

FAB-500 M62 - 497kg


In case of significant difference between a bomb's real and nominal weight, the name reflects this


FOTAB-250-215 (weighs 216 kg)

FAB-1500-2600TS (2584 kg)


2) Since the weight of some bombs exceeds the nominal one those bombs may be unavailable if a plane's pylons are set up for a precise load limit in data.ini.


For example

FAB-3000 M54 weighs 3067 kg

FAB-9000 M54 weighs 9407 kg

As a result Tu-16 with LoadLimit=9000 can't carry 3 FAB-300 M54 or 1 FAB-9000 M54, thus to make planes fully compatible with this pack it is advisable to alter pylon load limits as following


LoadLimit=100 -> LoadLimit=125

LoadLimit=250 -> LoadLimit=275

LoadLimit=500 -> LoadLimit=535

LoadLimit=1000 -> LoadLimit=1100

LoadLimit=1500 -> LoadLimit=1600

LoadLimit=2000 -> LoadLimit=2150

LoadLimit=3000 -> LoadLimit=3100

LoadLimit=5000 -> LoadLimit=5250

LoadLimit=6000 -> LoadLimit=6200

LoadLimit=9000 -> LoadLimit=9500


3) If you were using MGunny's Ordnance Shop II for SF2 by 331Killerbee




- delete folders listed here since these are the older versions of the bombs included in this pack and the new versions use different folder names









RBK-500 OAB 2.5RT



- overwrite folders with the same name since they contain updated versions of the same weapons


4) Cluster bombs have a minimal release altitude, provided in the list. Figures have been verified and are considered historically accurate.


5) Do not edit bombs of FOTAB, DAB, NOSAB, DOSAB, SAB, ODAB, AGITAB types using the Weapon Editor, since it will erase the effect description in the data file upon saving. Those bombs are also marked with *.


6) Flare bombs have 2 different effects


- cluster flare bombs detonate on the ground and create multiple light sources


- single flare bombs create a slowly descending flare in the air. Minimal release altitide is provided in the list.


7) Chemical bombs and propaganda leaflet dispensers deal no damage


8) Cluster bomb PBK-500 MBD generates multiple smoke sources which can cause a significant fps drop.


9) Day time signal bombs and some practice bombs have a coloured smoke effect.


10) Night time signal bombs and some practice bombs a colured flame effect.


11) Cluster mine dispensers are implemented the following way:


- The dispenser opens up and scatters the elements in an area.

- 20 seconds later the elements detonate


The ordnance is designed to be dropped in front of enemy ground formations on the move.


12) Model pivot point is almost universally located at the intersection of the bomb axis with the veritcal line drawn from the suspension lug of the bomb (front lug if there are several).


As the result the pivot point hardly ever matches the geometrical centre of the model.


The reasons for that adjustment are

- Most Soviet bombs' centre of gravity is located at thats point (and the front suspension lug is the main one).

- Many Soviet bombs, such as the entire M-54 family have extruding fins.

- Many bomb racks (such as BDZ-57MT) have cutouts for the fins, which require precise bomb positioning.


13) Bomb colors


- The regulations introduced back in 1912 stated that bombs must be painted navy gray.


- In real life bombs were all shades of gray, bluish gray, light blue, greenish blue depending on the paint used and the storage conditions.


- In the war time bombs were not painted, which is reflected in brownish textures imitating rust.


- To underline the variety of bombs in the pack, signal and illumination bombs are gived blue shades, photography flares and cluster bombs are bluish-green, incendiaries are gray etc.


14) Bomb markings

- before the '60s VVS used short names ("500" instead of "FAB-500") and colour rings to mark bomb types

- starting with the '60s and the '70s full names without colour markings were used

- sometimes different bombs of the same model can have different marknigs (some short, some full)

- I placed the full names on the post-war bombs and the short ones on the earlier models (written in black paint)

- I used authentic tables of drop rate (written in white paint) whenever it was possible


15) Thermostable (Thermoresistant) bombs were designed to be carried on MiG-25 and can withstand prolonged heating in high-speed flight. They can be dropped from any altitude up to 25 000 m. FAB-500 M62T and FAB-250 M62T do not differ much from the basic model.


16) The bombs in the pack have identical drag chutes. In real life different bombs have different chute designs. Probably this issue will be amended later.


17) Captured German bombs were metioned in the documents of FSUE "Bazalt" from 1941 to 1945. Since originally they used a different suspension mechanism, I have redesigned their suspension to make it compatible with the Soviet hardpoints.




weight (Kg), minimal release altitude(m)



Leaflet* :


AGB-100-30 (30kg, 500m)

AGITAB-250-85 (93.5kg, 500m)

AGITAB-500-300 (312kg, 500m)

RBK-250 Agit (127kg, 500m)





WWII bombs


AG-2 (2.09kg) (air dropped grenade)


AO-2,5-2 (2.09kg)

AO-2,5-3 (3.1kg)

AO-2,5SCh (2.84kg)


AO-8 (8kg)

AO-8m3 (7.29kg)

AO-8m4 (7.02kg)

AO-8m5 (7.4kg)

AO-8m6 (6.53kg)

AO-8m6Bis (6.9kg)

AO-8m6SCh (6.67kg)

AO-10-6.5SCh (6.4kg)

AO-10-6.5ST (6.62kg)

AO-10SCh (9.53kg)


post WWII bombs


AO-10SCh M52 (9.53kg)


WWII bombs


AO-15 (13.3kg)


AO-20m1 (20.86kg)

AO-20m2 (16.4kg)

AO-20m3 (21kg)

AO-20m4 (17.3kg)

AO-20Tr (20.86kg)


AO-25-20 (24.06kg)

AO-25M (23.3kg)

AO-25MSCh (25kg)

AO-25m1 (23.6kg)

AO-25m1bis (26.44kg)

AO-25m2 (25.2kg)

AO-25m13 (23.95kg)

AO-25SL (25.57kg)


AO-25-35m13 (34.8kg)


post WWII bombs


AO-25SL M46 (25.57kg)


AO-50-100Sch (94kg)

AO-50-100Sl (95kg)


post WWII bombs


AO-25-30 (30.75kg)

AO-25-33 (33kg)

AO-50-100M (96kg)





AOKh-8 (6.67kg)

AOKh-10 (6.22kg)

AOKh-15 (14.12kg)



KMGU Blocks (KMGU has 8 block, made by drawings, ODS,AS has parashutes, no new KMGU canister, old lod fits ok)


BKF AO-2,5RT (AP) (46kg)

BKF AO-2,5RTM (AP) (46kg)

BKF AS (Smoke)* (41kg)

BKF ODS-35 (FAE)* (36kg)

BKF PFM-1S (Mines)* (39kg)

BKF POM-1S (Mines)* (42kg)

BKF POM-2 (Mines)* (74kg)

BKF PTAB-2,5 (AT) (41kg)

BKF PTAB-1M (AT) (49kg)

BKF PTM-1 (Mines)* (39kg)



Armor piercing:


WWII bombs


BRAB-220 (238kg)

BRAB-200DS (213kg)

BrAB-250 M43 (255kg)

BrAB-500 M38 (531kg)

BrAB-500 M43 (510kg)

BrAB-500DS (503kg)


BrAB-800DS (791kg)

BrAB-1000 M38 (1046kg)

BrAB-1000 M43 (1012kg)




BRAB-220M (244kg)


BRAB-500M (525kg)

BRAB-500M55 (517kg)


BRAB-1000M (1017kg)

BRAB-1500M55 (1551kg)





WWII Bombs


BETAB-150DS (163kg)

BETAB-170DS (170kg)

BETAB-450DS (498kg)

BETAB-750DS (766kg)




BETAB-500 (475kg)

BETAB-500Sh (424kg)

BETAB-500ShP (380kg)

BETAB-500U (510kg)





M27 Bombs


AD-10 (10kg)


WWII Bombs


DAB-25-30F (30kg)

DAB-100-80F (85kg)


GAB-100D (100kg) (Navy, retarded)




DAB-100-90FM (92kg)

DAB-500 (435kg)



Day marking* :


DOSAB-100-70b (72kg) (White)

DOSAB-100-80ch (80kg) (Black)

DOSAB-100-80k (80kg) (Red)

DOSAB-100-80z (82kg) (Green)

DOSAB-100-85zh (87kg) (Yellow)


M62 termostable, LD


DOSAB-100Tb (120kg) (White)

DOSAB-100Tch (120kg) (Black)

DOSAB-100Tk (120kg) (Red)





M27 Family


AF-16 (16.7kg)

AF-32 (32.8kg)

AF-82 (82.7kg)


M31 Family


FAB-50Sv (49.67kg)

FAB-100Sv (113kg)

FAB-250Sv (247kg)

FAB-500Sv (502kg)

FAB-1000Sv (1020kg)

FAB-2000Sv (2135kg)


converted art. projective


FAB-50m2 (42kg)

FAB-50m3 (40.7kg)

FAB-50m4 (43.72kg)

FAB-50m5 (42kg)

FAB-50m6 (44.58kg)

FAB-50m7 (48.8kg)

FAB-50m9 (42kg)


FAB-70m1 (83kg)

FAB-70m2 (75kg)


WWII bombs


FAB-50SCh (65.4kg)

FAB-50SL (65.55kg)

FAB-50ShG (49.67kg)

FAB-50TsK (61kg)

FAB-50TR (45kg)


FAB-100-85NG (82kg)

FAB-100M (104kg)

FAB-100N (94kg)

FAB-100SCh (117kg)

FAB-100SL (121kg)

FAB-100TsK (99kg)

FAB-100TsKN (101kg)

FAB-100TsL (114kg)


FAB-250-200NG (200kg)

FAB-250M (229kg)

FAB-250N (228kg)

FAB-250TsK (249kg)

FAB-250TsKN (271kg)

FAB-250SCh (240kg)

FAB-250 M43 (226kg)

FAB-250 M44 (250kg)


FAB-250 TsK M44 (245kg)


MAB-250 (Anty bridge) (283kg)


FAB-500-300 (300kg)

FAB-500M (514kg)

FAB-500 M43 (476kg)

FAB-500 M44 (477kg)


FAB-1000 M43 (1077kg)

FAB-1000 M44 (891kg)


FAB-2000 M43 (2066kg)

FAB-2000 M44 (1926kg)


FAB-5000 M43 (5080kg) very rare ~ 50 bombs


M46 Bombs


FAB-250 M46 (220kg) (model by Krizis)

FAB-500 M46 (428kg)

FAB-500 M46TU (480kg) (retarded)

FAB-1500 M46 (1479kg)

FAB-3000 M46 (2983kg)


M47, M48, M50 Bombs


FAB-250 M44/48 (250kg)

FAB-250 TsK M44/50 (245kg)


FAB-500 M43/47 (476kg)

FAB-500 M44/48 (477kg)


FAB-1000 M43/47 (1077kg)

FAB-1000 M44/48 (891kg)


FAB-2000 M43/47 (2066kg)


M54 Bombs


FAB-250 M54 (236kg)

FAB-250 M54TU (270kg) (retarded)

FAB-500 M54 (473kg) (model by Krizis)

FAB-500 M54TU (510kg) (retarded)

FAB-1500 M54 (1550kg)

FAB-1500-1640 M54-MS (1640kg)

FAB-3000 M54 (3067kg)

FAB-3000 M54-TGA (3189kg)

FAB-5000 M54 (5247kg)

FAB-9000 M54 (9407kg)


M57 Bombs


FAB-250-230 (230kg)


M62 Bombs, LD


FAB-250 M62 (227kg)

FAB-500 M62 (497kg) (model by Krizis)


M69 Termostable bombs, LD (MiG-25RB)


FAB-250 M62T (227kg)


FAB-500 M62T (497kg)

FAB-500T (477kg)

FAB-500TA (477kg)

FAB-1500T (1513kg)





FAB-250TS (260kg)

FAB-500TS (509kg)

FAB-1500-2600TS (2584kg)



"Assault" {low level attack}Bombs (with chute)


FAB-500Sh (515kg)

FAB-500ShL (513kg)

FAB-500ShN (513kg)

FAB-1500Sh (1500kg)



German GP bombs (modernized for use by soviet planes)


FAB-250Tr ( SC-250 )

FAB-250Tr ( SD-250 )

FAB-500Tr ( SC-500 )

FAB-500Tr ( SD-500 )

FAB-1000Tr ( SC-1000 )

FAB-1000Tr ( PC-1000 )

FAB-1400Tr ( PC-1400 )

FAB-1700Tr ( SD-1700 )

FAB-1800Tr ( SC-1800 )





FOTAB-25-14 (14kg, 2000m)


FOTAB-50-35 (35kg, 2000m)

FOTAB-50-67 (67kg, 2000m)


FOTAB-100-60 (60kg, 2000m) (Chute)

FOTAB-100-80 (88kg, 2000m)


FOTAB-250-215 (216kg, 2000m)


Termostable, LD


FOTAB-100-140 (141kg, 2000m)


FOTAB-250T (275kg, 2000m)





FOZAB-500 (435kg)

OFZAB-500 M62 (500kg)





FZAB-250 (254kg)

FZAB-500 (493kg)


FZAB-500M (497kg) M62





M27 Bombs


Akh-8 (10kg)


WWII Bombs


KhAB-25 (27.5kg)

KrAB-25 (34.5kg)


KhAB-100 (100kg)

KhAB-200 (174kg)


KhAB-500 (300kg)






KhAB-100-80S M46 (80kg)

KhAB-250-150S M46 (150kg)

KhAB-500-280S M46 (280kg)

KhAB-1500-960S M46 (963kg)


BAS-100 (100kg)

BAS-250-230 (233kg)

BAS-250 M62L (230kg) (LD)



Night marker*:


NOSAB-100-70B (72kg) (white)

NOSAB-100-80K (80kg) (red)

NOSAB-100-80Z (82kg) (Green)

NOSAB-100-85Zh (87kg) (Yellow)


M62 termostable, LD


NOSAB-100TMk (115kg) (red)

NOSAB-100TMZ (115kg) (Green)

NOSAB-100TMZh (115kg) (Yellow)





ODAB-500 (392kg) (Chute)

ODAB-500P (466kg) (Chute)

ODAB-500PM (520kg) (Chute)

ODAB-500PMV (525kg) (Chute)





WWII bombs


OFAB-100 Ver.1 (120.5kg)

OFAB-100 Ver.2 (114kg)




OFAB-100M (121kg)

OFAB-100NV (121kg)

OFAB-100NV-TU (131kg) (retarded)


OFAB-100-120 (123kg) (Model by Krizis)

OFAB-100-120TU (136kg) (retarded)

OFAB-100-125TU (128kg)

OFAB-250-270 (266kg) (Model by Krizis)

OFAB-250-270TU (300kg) (retarded)


Assault Bombs


OFAB-250Sh (270kg) (retarded)

OFAB-250ShL (266kg) (retarded)

OFAB-250ShN (275kg) (retarded)

OFAB-500U (515kg) (retarded)




OFAB-100T (121kg) (retarded)

OFAB-250T (239kg)



Navy Marker*:


OMAB-25-8N (9.2kg) (Night,chute)

OMAB-25-12D (11.3kg) (Day)





WWII Bombs


P-7 (7.65kg)

P-25M2 (25kg)

P-40 (43kg)

P-50SCh (65kg)

P-100-70 (71kg)

P-100Sch (103kg)

P-100TsL (106kg)

P-250 (247kg)


Post WWII bombs


P-50 (54kg)

P-50-75D (75kg)

P-50-75N (75kg)


Assault Bombs


P-50Sh (49kg)


Termostable Bombs


P-50T (50kg)


Anti-Submarine Bombs


UPLAB-50 (45kg)





PLAB-50 (50kg)

PLAB-100 (100kg)

MPLAB-100 (89kg)

MPLAB-100S (87kg)

PLAB-250-120 (123kg)

PLAB-500-380 Ver.1 (369kg)

PLAB-500-380 Ver.2 (383kg) (Chute)

PLAB-500-380 Ver.3 (385kg) (Disk)



"Color-Marker rockets" (no engine, bombs as fact)*:


PR-8TsO-K (9kg) (Red)

PR-8TsO-Z (9kg) (Green)





PTAB-2,5-1,5 (1.37kg)

PTAB-10-2,5 (2.38kg)



Cluster bombs:


WWII Bombs


RRAB-1 (1000kg, 400m)

RRAB-2 (500kg, 400m)

RRAB-3 (250kg, 400m)


ZAB-100-65TSh (67kg, 200m) (100 inc balls)

ZAB-500-300TSh (295kg, 300m) (780 inc balls)




PROSAB-100-70 (70kg, 300m)

PROSAB-100 M52 (108kg, 300m)

PROSAB-250 M52 (263kg, 500m)


RBK-100 AO-1 (AP) (95kg, 400m)

RBK-100 PLAB-10K (125kg, 100m) (Anty-Submarine)


RBK-250-170 MA-3 (Mines)(161kg, 500m)

RBK-250 AO-1 (AP) (193kg, 500m)

RBK-250 AO-2,5-2 (AP) (179kg, 500m)

RBK-250 AO-2,5SCh (AP) (167kg, 500m)

RBK-250 AO-10-6,5ST (AP)(126kg, 500m)

RBK-250 AO-10SCh (AP) (130kg, 500m)

RBK-250 PTAB-2,5 (AT) (129kg, 500m)

RBK-250 PTAB-2,5-1,5 (AT)(95kg, 500m)

RBK-250 PTAB-2,5M (AT) (248kg, 200m)

RBK-250 AZh-2 (inc) (114kg, 500m)

RBK-250 ZAB-2,5T (inc) (128kg, 500m)

RBK-250 ZAB-2,5 (inc) (194kg, 250m)

RBK-250 ZAB-2,5M (inc) (195kg, 250m)

RBK-250-275 AO-1Sch(AP) (273kg, 400m)


RBK-500-225 PTAB-2,5 (AT)(225kg, 500m)

RBK-500-255 PTAB-10-5 (AT)(255kg, 500m)

RBK-500-375 AO-10 (AP) (375kg, 500m)

RBK-500 AO-2,5RT (AP) (402kg, 400m)

RBK-500 AO-2,5RTM (AP) (504kg, 200m)

RBK-500 BETAB (BETAB-20)(450kg, 100m) (Penetrator)

RBK-500 MDB (Smoke)* (245kg, 300m)

RBK-500 PTAB-1 (AT) (427kg, 300m)

RBK-500 PTAB-1M (AT) (427kg, 300m)

RBK-500 ShOAB-0,5 (AP) (334kg, 300m)

RBK-500 ShOAB-0,5M (AP) (395kg, 300m)

RBK-500 SPBE-D (AT) (504kg, 400m)

RBK-500 SPBE-K (AT) (450kg, 400m)

RBK-500 ZAB-2,5 (inc) (499kg, 300m)

RBK-500 ZAB-2,5SM (inc) (435kg, 300m)

RBK-500U BetAB-M (480kg, 100m) (Penetrator, Chute)

RBK-500U OAB-2,5RT (AP) (500kg, 100m) (Chute)

RBK-500U OFAB-50UD (AP) (520kg, 100m) (Chute)

RBK-500U PTAB (AT) (520kg, 100m) (Chute)


RBS-100 AO-25-30 (107kg, 100m) (bombs pack, 3 bombs)

RBS-100 AO-25-33 (111kg, 100m) (bombs pack, 3 bombs)


OFAB-500ShR (509kg, 100m) (retarded,3 charges)





WWII Bombs


ZAB-1-E (1.5kg)

ZAB-2,5T (2.45kg)


ZAB-10TG (10.9kg)


ZAB-25ZhG (22.6kg)


ZAB-50FP (49kg)

ZAB-50TG (45.9kg)


ZAB-100-50ZhG (51kg)

ZAB-100M (100kg)

ZAB-100Sv (94kg)

ZAB-100TsK (94kg)


ZAB-250-200ZhG (204kg)




ZAB-100-105 (107kg)

ZAB-100-115 (113kg)


ZAB-250-200 (202kg)

ZAB-250-130V (132kg) (chute)


ZAB-500-350 (350kg)

ZAB-500-350R (353kg)

ZAB-500-400 (410kg)

ZAB-500Sh (428kg)

ZAB-500V (378kg)



Napalm tanks:




ZAB-100-40P (44kg)




ZB-250Sh (115kg)

ZB-250ShM (115kg)


ZB-360 (355kg)


ZB-500 (374kg)

ZB-500AS (315kg)

ZB-500GD (343kg)

ZB-500RT (434kg, 100m) (3 charges)

ZB-500Sh (275kg)

ZB-500ShM (317kg)





WWII bombs


SAB-3 (4kg, 2000m)

SAB-3M (4kg, 2000m)

SAB-5 (6.5kg, 2000m)


SAB-15 (14.3kg, 2000m)

SAB-25 (23.9kg, 2000m)

SAB-50-15 (14.8kg, 2000m)

SAB-50-28 (28kg, 2000m)


SAB-100-55 (55kg, 2000m)

SAB-100-75 (82kg, 2000m)




SAB-3M M47 (4kg, 2000m)


SAB-100-55 M47 (55kg, 2000m)


SAB-100-90 (90kg, 2000m)

SAB-100MN (106kg, 2000m)

SAB-100MP (105kg, 2000m)


SAB-250-180MF (175kg, 2000m)

SAB-250-200 (201kg, 2000m)

SAB-500-350 (353kg, 2000m)

SAB-500-350R (353kg, 2000m)




SAB-250T (215kg, 2000m)


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Thanks for this great job, i can use the properly bomb now!!!

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Поздравляю lindr2!

What an explosive work you did there, things can now be bombed with style and fidelity! ;)

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Wow Lindr!


Fantastic pack!



(a happy red plane flyer!)

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I noticed, that there are no FAB-100 post war... what kind of 100kg bomb they use now? I found FAB-100 M62 and FAB-100ZE (?) on the net, but no data, no photo...

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