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SF2 Mescalero Proving Grounds Part 5

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SF2 Mescalero Proving Grounds Part 5

Another flock of drones has been released by the Apache Spirit Dancers!!


-------------MEET YOUR NEW DRONES------------------


F9F-5K Panther: Former front line USN carrier based fighter. Veteran of the Korean Conflict. Retired and placed in service as target drones . An AGGRESSIVE drone

with good manueverability but NO countermeasures. Operated by detachment of GRGMU-2 (Guided Missile Group Two) out of NAS Chicoteague,VA.

Type fully expended by 1964.


QT-33A Seastar: Former T-33A USAF jet trainers bailed to the USN as target drones beginning in 1965. Large numbers makes them very common as targes and expendable.

A PASSIVE drone of fair manueverability and limited countermeasures. Operated by the permanent USN detachment out of China Lake. Type finally

expended by 1982.


QF-4N Phantom II: Former USN/USMC carrier based fighter and upgrade of the F-4B. Retired for drone use beginning in 1985. An AGGRESSIVE drone of good manueverability

and EXCELLENT countermeasures. Operated by detachment of the NWTS (Naval Weapons Test Squadron) from NAS Point Magu,CA. Type expended by 2000/2001.


QF-86F Sabre: Former JASDF from line fighter built under license in Japan by Mitsubishi. Sent to USA apon retirement and converted to target drones by private contractor.

An AGGRESSIVE drone of excellent manueverability but limited countermeasures. First used in 1976. Expended or retired by 1989. Some survivors flown today in

display at airshows.


QF-59B Airacomet: First US jet fighter. Flown for only a short time in operational service before replaced by better aircraft(F-80). Some examples used as drones and/or

drone controllers. An AGGRESSIVE drone of fair manueverability but no countermeasures. Short drone carrer from 1950-56 makes them rare.


QB-17L Flying Fortress: Former USAAF B-17G bombers made famous in WWII. Retired in massive numbers at war's end makes them an excellent choice for bomber drone targets. A PASSIVE

drone of poor manueverabilty and no countermeasures. A tough target however! Will take alot of punishment, especially from non-cannon type rounds such as

50cal. slugs. A slow target makes for a collision danger for high speed fighters. USE CAUTION!! First deployed as drones in the late 1940's. Last use

around 1958. (note: turrets were removed from target drones).


MQM-107D Streaker: Purpose built subsonic drone of USAF. Uses an efficient turbofan engine pylon-mounted under fuselage. Its smokeless engine and small profile make it a hard

to spot target. A PASSIVE drone of limited countermeasures. First used in 1987....still operational.


--------------DRONE CONTROLLER-------------------


SNJ-5 : More of an observation aircraft than controller. Pilot sits in front while a range safety officer uses the rear seat. Unarmed. Fun to fly!!


------------Hunter-Killer Aircraft------------------


F-102A Delta Dagger (Hellenic Air Force): In the late 1960's, twenty excess F-102A's were sold to Greece along with a number of AIM-4 Falcon Missiles. These aircraft remained in service until at least

1975. A few can even be found today....sitting derelict in the weeds at Greek air bases.....:{


A full Installation and Credits read-me file is included.


Use of the QB-17L and QF-59B require access to the A-team Skunkworks download files. This access is however...NOT...required to use the Mescalero Range or any other aircraft/drone.


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... :clapping::clapping::clapping:


Coupi. :bye:

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Great work (again) ChampionsVA56!


Do you plan to pack all the parts in an All In One package once, if ever, you'll be finished?


Best regards

Edited by FrankD

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There will be one more drone package coming out shortly.......then I probably will work on a ground target upgrade. I would like to add some more missile site targets.....like the SA-3 GOA or SA-5. The whole package was too large to upload as one unit...so I broke it up into parts. Glad it worked out for you!! I had a lot of fun making this....and learned alot about this sim as well.

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I think the small treasure here is the greek F-102A. Never seen it before at any simulator.


Some things about the greek delta daggers:

In 1969, 20 F-102A and 2 TF-102A entered service with the greek air force. They remained in service until their replacement by Mirages F.1CG in 1975-77. F-102 is probably the aircraft which had the shortest service in the greek AF.

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