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My verson of the F-15A MSIP II+ (F-15AM)


This aircraft is base on the Stock F-15A SF2, you would need to have SF2 and/or Merged SF2 installed.


I have made a lot of tweaks on the plane. You can modify it to your own liking. The work and the skin is not perfect but I think it will pass.



Thus, weapons and effects is not included, check download section for your preference.


Don't worry if you do not have the effects or weapons installed, the game will DEFAULT to SF2 Stock weapons for the specific time period.




Copy the content of the respected folders to your folder:


"Aircraft" to your "Object Aircraft folder."


"Decals", copy the entire decals folder content and paste it onto your decal folder. I was unable to use specific squadron for decal folder, as it does not show up on the aircraft.




The following Fighter Squadron is included:



19th Fighter Squadron "Slightly Dangerous" (Mig Killer)


44th Fighter Squadron "Busty Vamp" (Mig Killer)


65th Aggressor Squadron "Size Does Matter"


199th Fighter Squadron "Pula Kahula" (Hot Mama)






TK and Thirdwire - Stock F-15A SF2E/Skin

AleDucat - ACES II Ejection Seat

JimmyBid - F-15C cockpit flight control textures

MoonJumper - Avioncs work

Kesselburt - Original F-15C cockpit

Brain32 - Improved/new textures for the F-15C cockpit

331KillerBee- SF2 Weapon Pack

gbreuder - Alternate F-14 wing vapor effects

Old Diego - Pilot Pack

x Ray - Updated JASDF pilot skin

dfang - Afterburner effect


[ If I miss anyone it is not intentional ]



Please let me know if there is any issues or things missing










18 January 2011




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Nice. I wonder - can some of the skins be used for default TK F-15A? I mean - as historicaly correct stuff?!?


Cheers :grin:

Edited by starfighter2

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