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Idk if the FA-18E\F\G or the F-14B\D Tomcat took part in desert storm but if they didnt i was wondering if i can put them on the desert storm mod to fly in campains

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The Super Bug just went operational in the past 4 years, as for the Tomcat, I know the Delta models were flown not sure about the Bravos, Google can be your friend in this case. The only missions the F-14 flew were Escort, BAR CAP and Intercept, and they didn't have the luck in finding their prey like the F-15 had.

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all the aircraft that were involved in DS (with few exceptions), right down to the squadrons, are IN the ODS mod. Mabye downloading it and finding out??? :dntknw: (since I deleted my 1stGen version....actually, zipped and archived on an external)

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Guest Ridley

US NAVY units of Desert Storm (Squadron/Aircraft/# flown)


Saratoga (CV 60)(Tail Code AA), 7 Aug 1990-28 Mar 1991


Squadron Aircraft


VF-74 F-14A+ =9

VF-103 F-14A+ =11

VFA-83 F/A-18C =9

VFA-81 F/A-18C =9

VA-35 A-6E, KA-6D =11,5

VAW-125 E-2C =4

VAQ-132 EA-6B =4

HS-3 SH-3H =6

VS-30 S-3B =11


John F. Kennedy (CV 67) (Tail Code AC), 15 Aug 1990-28 Mar 1991


Squadron Aircraft


VF-14 F-14A =11

VF-32 F-14A =11

VA-46 A-7E =11

VA-72 A-7E =13

VA-75 A-6E, KA-6D =16,1 (14,3??)

VAW-126 E-2C =5

HS-7 SH-3H =6

VAQ-130 EA-6B =5

VS-22 S-3B =6


Midway (CV 41) (Tail Code NF), 2 Oct 1990-17 Apr 1991


Squadron Aircraft


VFA-195 F/A-18A =13

VFA-151 F/A-18A =12

VFA-192 F/A-18A =12

VA-185 A-6E, KA-6D =7,2

VA-115 A-6E, KA-6D =7,2

VAW-115 E-2C =4

VAQ-136 EA-6B =4

HS-12 SH-3H =6

VRC-50 Det C-2A =?


Ranger (CV 61)(Tail Code NE), 8 Dec 1990-8 Jun 1991


Squadron Aircraft

VF-1 F-14A =9

VF-2 F-14A =9

VA-155 A-6E =13

VA-145 A-6E =13

VAW-116 E-2C =4

VAQ-131 EA-6B =4

HS-14 SH-3H =6

VS-38 S-3A =6

VRC-30 Det C-2A =1


America (CV 66)(Tail Code AB), 28 Dec 1990-18 Apr 1991


Squadron Aircraft


VF-102 F-14A =13

VF-33 F-14A =12

VFA-82 F/A-18C =11

VFA-86 F/A-18C =11

VA-85 A-6E, KA-6D =15,2

VAW-123 E-2C =5

HS-11 SH-3H =6

VAQ-137 EA-6B =5

VS-32 S-3B =8


Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)(Tail Code AJ), 28 Dec 1990-28 Jun 1991


Squadron Aircraft


VF-41 F-14A =12

VF-84 F-14A =13

VFA-15 F/A-18A =10

VFA-87 F/A-18A =10

VA-65 A-6E =11

VA-36 A-6E =11

VAW-124 E-2C =5

HS-9 SH-3H =6

VAQ-141 EA-6B =5

VS-24 S-3B =7

VRC-40 Det C-2A =?


USMC units (Squadron/Tail Code/Aircraft)


VMA-231 CG AV-8B

VMA-311 WL AV-8B

VMA-331 VL AV-8B

VMA-513 WF AV-8B

Det B

VMA-542 CR AV-8B

VMA(AW)-224 WK A-6E

VMA(AW)-533 ED A-6E


VMFA-212 WD F/A-18C

VMFA-232 WT F/A-18C

VMFA-235 DB F/A-18C


VMFA-314 VW F/A-18A

VMFA-451 VM F/A-18A

VMFA(AW)-121 VK F/A-18D


Included is my revised/adjusted Desert Storm campaign ini's. A USAF squadron or two has been added, most USN squadrons have been added including the carriers USS Midway and the USS Ranger, France is now represented as is the nation of Bahrain (tho, the BAAF Block 40 and skin are a project of mine and won't be found at CA quite yet)and the dates all are historical. If you compare the original to this one, you will see what aircraft/skins you will need to add.

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