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AV-8A Harrier for SF2

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AV-8A Harrier for SF2



-- For SF2, Full-4 Merged (Prefered) and/or SF2:E ONLY!!! --


As stated, above, you =MUST= have a Full-4 Merged install, or at the VERY LEAST SF2:E to make use of this mod package, as it references all stock items for the aircraft and cockpit that is ONLY found in SF2E or Full4 Merged game installs.


This package represents AV-8A Harriers as used by the USMC when first delivered. The skins (located for me by CA Member Amariani -many thanks!!) have been run through my HomeGrown ™ template, for to reuse the tail markings, courtesy of 331KillerBee/SFP1Ace's WoE-to-SF2 AV-8A conversion pak (which this expands upon)


Skins and decals in the pak are for:


VMA-231 'Aces'

VMA-513 'Flying Nightmares'

VMA-542 'Tigers'


New decals for the serial, service name and BuNums are incuded. Some decals are modified from stock ones. These make use of the full color National Insignia, and not the LoViz as seen after 1980-ish (or thereabouts).


All weapons used are stock in-game items, excepting the 'new' units included. These are either clones of existing or, in the ALE-37s case, from the GunnyPak. The canopy is NOT activated, as there are no more animation slots available for it. Sorry! However, in compensation, there IS a working landing light!! <grin>


As always, READ the enclosed readme for full, detailed instructions. This package has been broken down into the various folders that SF2 needs/requires/should have, to make it a LOT easier to install.

As usual, the expected "Notes" section for notes and other insane ramblings


Good Hunting!


Kevin Stein

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