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Bf109g-6/AS, JG1, Spring 1944

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Bf109g-6/AS, JG1, Spring 1944

Bf109g-6AS, JG 1, Germany, Early 1945.


In April 1944, JG 1 became the first unit to be equipped with the new Bf109g-5/AS and -6/AS with its uprated DB605AS engine. This entailed the introduction of a new streamlined cowling, compared to the original bulged model used on standard G-5 and G-6 aircraft. As the AS series were intended for high altitude operations, the initial production run were finished in overall RLM 76 pale blue-grey.


Jagdgeschwader 1 was based in Northern Germany on Reich Defence duties (Stab was based at Paderborn) and was commanded at this time by Oberstleutnant Walter 'Gulle' Oesau, whose Green 13 is included in this pack. He was killed on 11th May 1944 over St Vith by P-38s of the USAAF.


You will need the AvHistory Guns pack installed.


For SF2 only.




Visual model, flight dynamics and original skin template: Monty_CZ

Cockpit including original paintwork: Kesselbrut

Skin, decals, partial cockpit repaint, ini tweaks and loading screen: ndicki


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