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Finally Back Home, But Only For a Day

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Greetings All,


My travel plans were completely altered this last week and I am just now finding myself back at the old family manse. I will be home for a day or so but then it's back on the road for another stretch. Apologies on not being able to get back to the current "Who's Paint Is This" contest, but it will resume when my work schedule calms down, (hopefully in about another week or two). I also just discoverd that my OFF install is corrupt and I will have to complete redo that before I can continue in my favorite flight sim...DAMN! Ah well, c'est la guerre I suppose. Looks like I may have to fire up the IL2 Gladiator and fly for Wavell's 30,000 this weekend, just to keep my hand in the game.







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Gladiator? I've shown these elsewhere but:






























Cornball? Yep. Fun? Yep!



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Now that looks interesting... might have to reinstall IL-2 1946 for that one... but where do I get it???


RAF_lou good luck with the reinstall... and old Fiddly Bits is back in action... well she was lol...

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Those phantasy-planes are craaaaaaazyyyyyyyy!!!!


Lou, that is damn tough bad luck for you there.

I know such extra hits in the neck, when everything is tight enough already.

I had three new installs recently - due to problems with my rig - and now I'm flying the safe way:

I use ACRONIS BACKUP and backup the whole C:partition every third flight.

I keep three backups.

The oldest one gets overwritten.

That way I can write back everything in a couple of minutes. Worth to consider.


But before making a complete new install, try to "Reset OFF Manager" in "Workshops".

That helps most of the times.

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