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God bless Chesty puller and the Marines in heaven.

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My supervisor is a Marine. I am not(the spirit is willing but the body wouldn't pass the physical) Anyway I figured you Marines out there would enjoy this story.


This happened Staurday 5-28-11. We were talking about the plans for the day and toward the end of the conversation I mentioned that I would try to get him David Lettermans Top 10 list by the Marine Corps.


He said "Semper Fi"


I said "Oorah."


He looked at me funny and said "That's a Marine response."


I, feeling ashamed, replied "so what is a civilian puke like me supposed to say?"


"Semper Fi would work."


I nodded my head and said "How 'bout God bless the United Sates Marine Corps."


Without missing a beat he added on "and Chesty Puller and all the Marine's in heaven, may they have a full supply of ammunition Amen."


I looked at him funny "a full supply of ammuntion?"


He looked at me as if I were stupid "uh, yeah."


"What kind of s**t are ya'll expecting to go down in heaven?"


Again he looks at me if I were retarded "haven't you heard the last line in the Marine Corps Hymn?"


Now I looked at him as if he were stupid"uh yeah. The streets are guarded by U.S Marines."


"Right. How do you expect us to guard heaven without a full supply of ammo? What are we going do? Guard heaven like the Navy? Huh? Sit there and guard it like the Army? Or the freakin Air boys? No!"


I laughed and shook my head. "I can see a Marine standing at the gates of heaven when some Insurgent looking dude walks up there. The Marine would look at him and tell him to go straight to hell."


My boss shook his head "No. No. We're going to be professional about this." If a suspect walks up we're joing to look at the list and say sir your name is not on this list I'm going to need you to wait in that line over there. If the suspected insurgent continues to protest and say again sir your name is not the list you're going to have to wait in that line over there. And if the guy contines to protest get two Marines in dress blues carrying M-16s, grab him by the shoulders and take him over to the line. Dress blues and M-16s that some serious s@#! man."


I got a laugh at this and said "so if by some twisted fate Osama walks up there looking for his seventy virgins what then?"


"We'll just take him over to a seculded room, open the door, say 'all right fellas here he is Bin Laden enjoy your male virgins.'"










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I'm not a Marine but god bless Chesty Puller!

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