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F122 class frigate


F122 class Frigate Addon for SF2 series





The eight F122 Bremen class frigates of the German Navy were commissioned between 1982 and 1990.

The design is similar to the Dutch Kortenaer class but uses a different hull and propulsion system.

The ships were built for anti-submarine warfare as a primary task even though they are not fitted

with towed array sonars. They are also suited for anti-aircraft warfare and anti-surface warfare.





Unpack the files, read the F122_README.txt! :grin:

Drop all files into your mod folder the way they are setup in this pack.

If you are unsure about the way how mods are installed, check the knowledge base at CombatAce!


Model features:


+ Helo Deck

+ RIM-7P Sea Sparrow model with launcher covers

+ RIM-116 RAM is setup as guns, as the game only supports one missile launcher

+ MLG27 remote turrets

+ Decals for all 8 vessels




+Thanks JimBeamer5 for the wonderfull paint job!


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Great model Florian :good:

(Just a note, one of the folders is misspelled: groundobjects)


This will be a good stand-in for the Greek Elli Class frigates.

Edited by PureBlue

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Damn pity we sold all of 'em (to the UAE and Greece) :blink:





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Finally, a German ship for GermanyCE! Wonderful model, and again JB5 did an awesome job with the skin.


I hate to nitpick, though, but the ship's detection is rather overmodelled. 480km track and visual search, 450 strength? shok.gif

My upcoming LCS-1 uses an upgraded version of the same basic radar (TRS-3D), so I did my homework on it. 180km max range, can pick up fighter-sized targets at 110km under ideal conditions. Volume search time should be 6 seconds (10rpm). Also, I believe it's C-band (between 3.7 and 4GHz), but that shouldn't affect gameplay too much. Just my $0.02, anyway.

Edited by WhiteBoySamurai

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As I'm reinstalling SF-2 on my renewed system I try to use this beauty in SF-2NA.
Before losing time to tweak data/guns/missiles etc. etc. is there someone who just did the job?
If so please share.
Thanks in advance.

Found it in Eburger :clapping:  SF-2NA Enhancement Pack as "Bremen" groundobject.

If you look for it is there.

Paul out.

Edited by paulopanz

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