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I don't usually do this, but it's taken a month of work to get this bird to an acceptable level, and I'm pretty pleased with the result - keeping in mind what I started with and that I have NO 3D modelling skills. So I'm going to show the bird in a photo pictorial.


Afghanistan - current day:




It’s a dark night. You could see a billion stars in the sky overhead, if you could see through the constant haze of dust. More like talcum powder that seems to rest in the air all the time.



The two MH-47’s start up and take off into the night. They are on a special mission.





Several miles into the flight crew members in each aircraft test fire their miniguns and M-240’s.




The aircraft fly low, following the terrain as they pass over and through the rugged mountains. The engines of the aircraft work harder as they continue to climb in altitude, still following the landscape.


As the aircraft continue to climb in altitude, everyone begins to feel a bit short of breath.


The aircraft split up, and Two-Two heads in a direction off to the left, towards a precisely timed separate target.





Crew members in the back of the aircraft manning their guns begin assisting their pilots in scouting for the landing zone.


Only tonight, they’re not landing.


"See that pinnacle just ahead? It’s on top of that.”


“Got it.”


“One minute.”




The right seater is carefully slowing down.


“OK, I think I have the landing area in sight. Looks pretty tight.”


“Roger that Sir, I have the LZ in sight. Continue forward one hundred, slow your forward speed. Looking good Sir, forward fifty, continue down.”


The pinnacle is no bigger than twenty feet square, definitely too small to land. But they all knew this coming in.





“It’s not too bad, I think we’ll blow it out.”


“Ok Sir, I still have the ground in sight. Come forward ten.”


With the aircraft now over the pinnacle, the dust from the ground begins to kick up. The pilot hovers forward slowly, straining to see something, to keep the aircraft steady.




Two-One will have to perform a "pinnacle landing". The aft wheels and rear of the helo will settle on the pinnacle, while the pilot keeps the forweard wheels and nose off the ground.


“Clear down the left.”


“Roger Sir, clear down right. Come down ten…eight…six…four…three…two…one. HOLD YOUR DOWN! Come up two.”




“OK Sir, this looks good.”





“First man’s on the ground. Unload in progress. Last man’s on the ground. Team is off to the side. Thumbs up from the Team, aft ready.”


“Forward ready, clear for flight.”


“On the go. Two-One’s out!”


“Two-Two, Two-One when able.”


Meanwhile, the exact same thing was happening in Two-Two, except their first spot was unsuitable, and they had to find another.


“Two-One this is Herc, standby. Two-Two’s out!”


A sigh of relief goes through Lead’s cockpit. Both aircraft turn on their infra-red searchlights as they search for each other.




“Two-One is four miles from Waypoint 10, 90 knots calibrated.”


“Roger, Turkey.”


The aircraft link up and continue, headed to a refuel stop.




As they pass through a valley, a stream of tracer fires wings its way into the air at the flight. Two-Two executes an evasive maneuver. The fire is close, but thankfully doesn’t hit anything.




The aircraft link up at the ARIP, and begin the aerial refuel procedures. They’re conducting a “Receiver Low” procedure, so they can remain low-level longer.


“Buckhurst Two-One, altimeter reading two-niner-niner-two.”




“Roger, two-niner-niner-two. Two-One is in the pre-contact position.”


“Cleared for contact.”





“Fuel flow checklist complete, refueling in progress.”


They have to time their quantities of gas so as not to arrive at the exfil site too heavy, and still make it back to base.




“Re-fuelling complete. Descending down to tactical altitude.”


“Two-one this is Eight-Seven, ready for exfil.”


They avoid the threat area, as they head back to their respective Teams. They’ll have to hoist the Team members back into the aircraft, one by one, from those same high altitude brown out pinnacles, in zero illumination……


OK, I don't have a working hoist, so lets just imagine the exfil was 100% successful!




The Special Forces Team arrives safely back at base after a successful mission.


OK, one more shot:




Just a shot showing how she looks during the day. But she's a Night Stalkers bird after all.


Lots of people to thank, and they'll all be listed in the readme, but a special thanks to The A-Team for the basic Chinook, and especially Dave Zurawski who has graciously allowed me to use his excellent MV-22 cockpit as the CAAS cockpit used in the SOA Chinook (amongst other birds).


Oh, and Boeing for the mission!



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Cool bird, and amazing mission. btw, where did you get the troops armed with HK G36s?

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Cool bird, and amazing mission. btw, where did you get the troops armed with HK G36s?


AmokFloo's Transall i guess..



btw...That's awesome JB! can you pack the mission also when you upload ??

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AmokFloo has kindly redone his German Paratroopers as US Army Rangers (thanks Florian). Note the M4's and Boonie hats! :cool: So just the readme to write and I'll be able to release it. Silverbolt the mission is really nothing special. A couple of minutes in the Mission Editor. Basically fly to a pinnacle, drop off, and meet up with a nearby tanker. It's so simple it's embarrassing actually.



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How do we get access to the basic CH-47 mod? I've joined the A-Team Skunkworks forums but not sure wjat to do from there.



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