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Pk, I have started fartin' around with SF2. I like the graphics and such but do not really understand modding so much. I understand the "mods folder" idea, but am still kinda lost, so.....


1) I thought I installed the Sea King helo correctly, but NOPE! Everything comes up fine, cockpit, loading screen, everything....except the helo lol. There is no dang helo in external view, and I don't know how to start it either.


2) This helo thing made me wonder about adding other planes, and then the folders. What folders SHOULD I have for "mods". I know that some I have to make up, so can one of the experts please just tell me what to name all of the folders and I will go and do it?


3) Pilot skins, how do I do them?


4) If I want to change a plane for a campaign squadron, or put a squadron in a campaign (like VF-114, you know they were there!!) how do I do this?


There will be more in the future, just need some help getting started!! Thank you all for the help in advance.



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I think the problem for the Helo is that the LOD is not there, you need to get it from DAT site and place the lod in the Helo folder, other than that, i think you have done well everything well.


hope this part help you.

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I don't know where to look for the .lod file or where it goes when I get it. I certainly don't know what DAT is.


MigBuster - I wouldn't have asked if I didn't have issues lol. I can get the planes in but they are missing things like sounds and cockpits, even on the self installer for the F-4G. I'll check out the knowledge base again, but I did look at the post about how there is no real mods folder. That's also why I was asking about which folders exactly are needed!! Then I will have this licked again. It's not so different form SF1, just dealing with the folders now. As soon as I knw which ones I need I will be good I should think.


MiG - the pilot skins, I meant installing repaints people have made. I kinda stink at self skinning, so I am a download guy :)


thanks again all!

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The LOD file(files) for the helicopter should be in its actual folder - which should now be in /aircraft/seaking.


check the seaking.ini to see if the lod names are the same as the files and the same case.


You dont need all the folders - just create the ones you need


read section 1 here





Also on the link you will see how cockpits are added (22).

See sections 15 and 19 for other issues you mentioned


For sounds you need the actual sound file in the sounds mod folder, and a proper reference to it from the aircrafts _data.ini


For pilots a breakdown is here:




play around with it and see how you get on

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