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B-58A Huster for SF Upgrade/Update Pak

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B-58A Huster for SF Upgrade/Update Pak

B-58A "Hustler"


-- For SF2, Any and All --


This is a modification of Pasko's B-58 Hustler, to bring it more in line with SF2 standards.

If you have the 2009 SF2 Update, just install this directly OVER your pre-existing folders, allowing the overwrite. If you don't, don't worry about it.


Two skins are included (the same basic skin used twice), with all new 100% Historicaly Correct ™ serial numbers, listing each operational aircraft that served with the 43rd and 305th Bomb Wings. Unfortunatly, I was unable to break them down each into which served with each of the 6 Squadrons in the 2 Wings, but this should do nicely.


There are also 2 cockpits included:

The original SF2 mod by Dave (USAFMTL), that uses the F-106 pit and,

An extensivelly modified F-4 Phantom pit (stock 3W ini only -as the cockpit exists in all versions of the game). This one makes use of many 'moves' to drop items out if sight, and uses the physical external model for the windshield framing.

Neither one is perfect ... this is elaborated further in the "Notes" section, with instructions on what to switch or turn off in the various inis; depending on which you choose. Right now, it's using the Phantom pit, as it really is quite a bit closer than the 106's.


In the Loadout ini, several alternate loadouts are listed. These can be accessed from the 3rdWire mission editor screen (for post-Expansion Pak 2 users). Other ini edits repositon the running & landing lights, add 'virtual' flaps (as this aircraft made use of drooping elevons -without the original source file this is impossible to duplicate-), minor engine adjustments, and avionics tweeks. It could also stand a slightly improved FM; the changes and other comments are in the "Notes" section. Weapons are included, the nuke explosion effects are =NOT=. YOu should probably have them from the GunnyPak. Speaking of weapons, a "new" 8kt ARM is included; this is a fictional ARM version of the Genie, more in line with "Fail Safe" and the No.6 Decoy/EW/Escort aircraft, and gives you a SEAD load. Kill SAM sites DEAD!!! Since real decoys don't/can't exist....it's just for fun! There's also and EO version, that can be used for STRIKE or SEAD missions.


As always, =READ= the enclosed readme for full, detailed instructions. This package has been broken down into the various folders that SF2 needs/requires/should have, to make it a LOT easier to install. Also, as usual, the expected 'Notes and Other Nonesense' comments by me. This =IS= Required reading -- there are some issues that are addressed there.


Good Hunting!


kevin stein


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Quickie Update:


upon further experimentation, I found a solution to the 'freeze' issue.


OPen the data ini, and in the first section locate the line




change it from BOMBER






and with luck the AI statments will keep you at high enough altitude for weapons release, and safe escape from the blast zone.


It's not a perfect solution, but will keep the game from freezing.



kevin stein

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