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P-51 cockpit view

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In some directions, there are significant reflections, but if you look to the left, you can't even tell there is glass in the canopy frames. I have never liked the idea of tinting, frosting, excessive scratches, and over-emphasizing glare in flight sim 3d models. I want to see what is outside when I fly, not observe the "weathering" skills of some 3d modeler :minigun:

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Woa, that's nice!!!! Thanks for this MB


streak LOL spot on man-dude.


The worst part is the light reduction in probably ALL of TheSim's canopy static tint/smoke/grease. I estimate that in extreme cases (the Planes and Sims all differ) the outside brightness is reduced by up to 90%. This nonsense is completely unacceptable for low light level or night missions.


In the short time I parried with the Su-27 Flaker 2 game, I loved the dynamic canopy scratches glistening bright in the sun. These dynamic scratches did not reduce outside light levels, and as they were dynamic, I think they modeled the real thing well, without getting between the player and his/her game (a very important thing devs forget about). And best, the Flaker-2 dynamic canopy scratches in sunlight were actually very pretty. :good:

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