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Two-seater Transport on Railway and Truck

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Just found these two photos at the website: www.buddecke.de

They show aircraft of Fliegerabteilung 29, Rohatyn, Galicia; June 1917; during railway transport; and loaded on a truck.



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Herr Olham, interesting pics you share. Fits in with the book I am currently reading GERMANY'S FIRST AIR FORCE 1914-1918 by Peter Kilduff. Naturally it covers all fronts and includes information regarding the mobility of some of the units. Some BAO units not only transported the crates, material and aircrews to new airfields but then the railcars served as sleeping cars, dinning cars served as Kasino's and train was a rolling home of sorts.

So far I enjoy the book very much. Not the authors fault but I find it somewhat confusing how often the structure of the german airforce changed so often and the long names used. It is easy to see why abbreviations like KEK,Kagohl,Bogohl,Kasta and Jasta were used. The book does help me to understand the designations and roles of the aircraft and crews as reflected in the OFF campaign. You would enjoy the book although it is brief considering the subject matter. It also includes many photo's I've not seen elsewhere. You know we are very fortunate that there are so many photo's and films of this period of history that we find so fascinating.

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