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Having a problem with Fmkj6 Lightning everytime it starts a atke off run the Caockpit canopy gos up

any fixes for this as i cant seem to find one.

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Change the canopy section in Fmk6_data.ini



Heres one way












Other ways have been posted

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Oddly, I like the auto method...or I just got used to it. SF 2008 introduced a reversal in the animation ini code. The deploy and retract lines -- just swap the numbers and it works properly again.


Even oddly-er I went to fire up my BUFF Lightning and it crashes the game, either player or AI only. It worked the last time I used it, but that was some time ago. I did just build a new box, so that may be it in some way. That would be weird though. Re~downloaded BUFF's Lightning and it works stock. I'll have to see if I suffered another corrupt data issue. Corruption of data is something I've been worried about over the new generations of large hard drives (say 100GB and up).


A "simple" backup plan can't help this, cos you just backup the bad stuff. So recently I've been leaving my old backups alone, not backing up anything more to them.

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