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Softer Label colours & smaller TAC

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Softer Label colours & smaller TAC

My modded ViewUI.xml presents a smaller "TAC" screen;

and also softer, less loud colours of the "Labels" - they merge more with the sky and landscape.


The file has to be placed here:


[your computer name] > AppData > Roaming > Microsoft > CFSWW1 Over Flanders fields


You don't need to back up the original file, because there is a

"MasterCopy of ViewUI.xml", which you can always activate by deleting the "MasterCopy of".



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Hi Olham,


my eyes are nbg and I have to turn labels on at times in order to pick up any a/c at all. But the colours are a bit vivid so many thanks for this mod.


I'm new to mods though (this is the first I have attempted) and I'm dashed if I can get this to run.


Have copied the file to the loc you suggested but game only displays old labels/tac.


I have searched these boards for an answer, but no luck so far.


Should the mod run automatically ? Have I done something wrong ?

I note that this is a RAR file and I had to "unpack", could this perhaps be the problem ?


I am a complete noob re mods so please excuse my tiresome questions.


Cheers and thanks again for the mod.

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