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Valery Blazhnov from the Lock On Development Team (Eagle Dynamics) posted this link at Simhq






Distinctions from LockOn 1.02



"Hot Rocks" contains the following improvements and changes if compared to LockOn 1.02 version:


We added Su-25 aircraft with new flight dynamics. New operational modes with aiming complex "Shkval" and night aiming system "Mercury" were introduced. New search and aiming system of anti-radar missiles for radio-frequency emission sources with the help of "Phantasmagoria" station was added. New system of active infrared jamming "Suhogruz" was added. Appliance of "Vihr" missile complex, removable gun systems, anti-radar and laser missiles, ordinary and adjustable bombs was realized.


We carried out avionics modernization of Russian aircraft Su-27, Su-33, MiG-29:


New operation modes of weapon control system and radar were added. Among them are a tracking mode up to 10 targets, sub-modes of target search in forward semisphere, target search in backward semisphere, automatic mode of forward and backward semispheres simultaneous view.


Dependence of target mark on radar cross section was introduced.


Jamming gate when applying active jamming and jamming lock-on device for further shooting were introduced.


Vertical scanning modes, Fi0, navigation modes were revised.


Indexes of weapon availability on suspensions and weapon alertness sign were introduced.


Radar physics was changed, inertial target tracking was implemented, range detection limitations depending on flight altitude and angle of roll were introduced.



All angle dimensions of Russian aircraft are given in correspondence with the real ones. The list of snap-views which can be set was enlarged due to introduction of mirror-views, besides via configuration LUA files for each aircraft you can set not only "quick" views but also initial camera position and angle of view.


Parameters of various weapon types were specified and adjusted:


Shaped-charge projectiles hit effect is calculated. In case of target miss they hardly damage the armor.


Cratering bomb effect is more accurately calculated.


Anti-aircraft missiles trajectory was changed and optimized.


Realistic launch and hit range of air defense systems was modeled.



New weapon and pods models were made: SPPU-22, ???-500??, ???-500?, ?-24?, ?-24?, ?-31?, ?-31?, ?-35, Vihr, KMGU, external tank PTB-800, small jamming station, "Phantasmagoria" pod, SPS-141, 5?55? ??? ?-300 missile, 48?6?2 ??? ??? missile.


New modules of aviation missile launchers and catapult devices AKU-58, APU-62, APU-63 were made.


Fortification constructions, checkpoints, blockhouses, command center, weapon storage were introduced. They can be set by a user via mission editor for any mission.


Three new campaigns for Su-25?, SU-27 and Mig-29 aircraft were created. All in all they comprise 76 missions.


A new course of training tracks showing all new possibilities which Su-25? aircraft provides.


The manual is significantly broadened and adjusted. All aspects of available for operating aircraft are fully described with detailed description of devices, equipment and systems functions.




New in the landscape



An additional detailed level of landscape textures was added in the game LockOn: Hot Rocks, new textures for 4 seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn) were developed. Besides new military objects were developed: fortified posts, checkpoints. A possibility to position these objects on the map on your own was added. All new textures and landscape objects are available on CD full Russian version or can be downloaded from the site for the English version of the program.




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Will I be buying this even if I have to go hungry for a month? HELL YES!


Can't wait for the release. This looks like it'll be a lot of fun, even if the damage-models for other aircraft haven't been updated.

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hey cool,I have achieved fame!! That's myF-15I skin...Though I don't see how it's related to V.1.1 :dntknw:

The new LO-MAC version is full of Russian side stuff, I hope one day to see the F-15E in there..

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hey cool,I have achieved fame!! That's myF-15I skin...Though I don't see how it's related to V.1.1  :dntknw:

The new LO-MAC version is full of Russian side stuff, I hope one day to see the F-15E in there..


Been flying with that skin myself - great work you've done!


That screenshot is straight from the Eagle Dynamics site - I guess they liked it too !



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:shok: ahh, that Israeli F-15C screen is a screenshot I took about 5-6 months ago. Recognised it instantly. I made it a day or two after that skin was released and then posted it to the UBI screenshot sticky. Someone at ED must have liked it. :yes:

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Now add CFTs , another cockpit, and AG capabilities , and you get a great plane WITH a great skin..

..sorry, i'm obsessed with the strike eagle.. :crazy:

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I can understand that!



LockOn: Flaming Cliffs is a computer game-simulator of modern combat planes. It is a continuation and development of the game LockOn: Modern Air Combat.


Lock On:Hot Rocks is no more, now it is Lock On:Flaming Cliffs ...

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They needed to fix the strobe lights LOL they still look way to cheesy. :haha:

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Some new info about 1.1

(DMUT, a SimHQ member, posted the link there)






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Posted: Thu Nov 04, 2004 8:46 pm    Post subject: English Thread - Details of v1.1 Flaming Cliffs




*This post will be updated with new information periodically.*


Hi everyone... until there is an official English part of the forum, myself and other v1.1 testers can answer questions about this fantastic add on to Lock On: Modern Air Combat.


I'll start with a basic overview of the new, improved, and much more authentic Russian Su-27/33 and Mig-29A/S combat avionics.


The improved Russian avionics actually create more workload for the pilot... so be ready to update your joystick files! 


-There are 3 BVR search radar modes now, Encounter, Pursuit, and Auto...


-For head on enagagements Encounter mode(Hi PRF) will provide the best range and for tail on chase, pursuit(Medium PRF) will provide the best range. Auto(Interleaved PRF) is a combination of both but the acquisition range is reduced.


If you are tail on to a bandit and in encounter mode you will not see it with the radar so you have to switch to either pursuit or auto. If you are head on in pursuit mode you will not see it.


-TWS-SNP, there is now the SNP mode including automatic threat prioritisation and lock-on.


-Radar azimuth is now 3 zones only, left, center, and right.


-There is a radar elevation zone indication on the HUD.


-There is radar azimuth zone indication on the HUD


-You can set the radar range on the HUD.


-When a target is locked there is a radar beam position indication on the HUD.


-The larger the target, the larger the track symbol on the HUD.


-There is now auto lock On in CAC Vertical(radar and EOS) and FIO(Longitudinal Missile Aiming - IR seekers only)


-ECM jamming is now indicated on the HUD and HOJ lock on is possible with the R-27 and R-77.


-You can now change the size of the gun funnel depending on the size of target you want to hit.


-As seen in the screenshots, the weapon stations are now displayed on the HUD too.


-IR missiles now emit a tone when they are locked on.


-You can now increase and decrease the volume of the RWR and SPO warning tones.


The Mig-29 HUD symbology includes a pitch scale on the right side of the HUD.


NAV avionics are basically unchanged except the enroute NAV mode sensitivity was greatly reduced so tracking a course is much easier then in v1.02.


ILS guidance indictaion is changed to 2 circles that must be inside each other to be on the glideslope and localizer.


All new autopilot modes:


- autopilot override

- roll and pitch stabilization

- altitude and roll stabilization

- transition in horizontal flight (panic button)

- altitude stabilization

- radio-altimeter terrain following

- reset all autopilot modes


-All new improved HUD fonts for all aircraft which are much sharper and easier to read.


-New improved sound for the A-10A and the F-15C cannons .


-All new and higher resolution A-10A aircraft textures.


-Airframe shake for all aircraft when cannon is fired.


-Improved view of the wings when looking back at 4 and 8 o'clock in the F-15C, Su-27/33, and Mig-29A/S.


-Many new weapon 3D models and textures.


-Navigation lights that can be on steady or flash(Su-25T)


-Improved cockpit ejection model with the pilot, seat, and chute remaining visible after reaching the ground.


Highlights of the Su-25 and Su-25T Advanced Flight Model(AFM) and physics


-Dynamic flight and physics model that reacts to weight, center of gravity position, and moments of inertia in real time with no scripting.


- Assymetric wing loading dynamics... for example... weapons hanging on pylons have weight and drag and when a weapon(A2G missile for example) is fired from one wing only the loss of weight and drag affect how the aircraft reacts. For example, the lighter wing will rise and cause it to accelerate, the heavier wing will drop and deccelrate, which will in turn create yaw.


-Flight tested by a Russian Su-25 pilot.


-Fully dynamic aircraft damage modeling including tires that will blow and separate.


-Ability to land on all terrain surfaces on wheels and on aircraft belly.


These are just highlights but, IMO, this is the most advanced flight model yet for a PC Simulation title.



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