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short answer:

you can't.

The engine reads the center point from the extended landing gear. The only way to get them to sit correctly, is to BUILD static-only aircraft in MAX

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Like wrench said you can't turn an aircraft into a ground object to use as a static. I tried what you have done when I built some FAC airfields.


However you can trick the game into using normal aircraft. For instance in the airfield.ini for parking there is an entry called "maxspan=" I only wanted FAC aircraft to park at my FAC airfields. So I found the aircraft with the smallest wingspan, (refer to aircrafts data.ini its the entry referencespan=). The smallest was the A-4's for me at 8.something.


So I made an airfield.ini for my FAC airfields and set parking "maxspan=7.9" then I copied my FAC aircraft and called them for example, "O-2A_Static" then I removed the cockpit folder and in the aircrafts data.ini I removed the AI controls, Engine and flight control entries. I then set the "referencespan=" to match the parking "maxspan=" in whichever airfield.ini I wanted to aircraft to appear at.


If you need any further help PM me and i'll send you an example.



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