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hello again all. i am workin a personal project (poss for later release) trimming ravenclaws NF-5 down from 16 some skins to 4 skins with decalled units and trying to make the different schemed tanks like the F-4 tanks where they have the tanks skins in the aircrafts skin folders and show automatically correct color tank with correct color aircraft. the problem today is the tanks are not showing in game!!!! i downloaded the NF-5 mod fresh at the start of the month after patching to Sep2011. i am running full merge both Exp packs and slightly flustered. i have also noticed there is a data ini but no object ini for the tanks. i tried making one example as follows


ObjectFullName=41.6 Gal Green Camo












the current goal is to get the tanks back into the game. eventually i want to make them act similar to the stock tanks where there is not 3 diff tanks for 4 camo jobs but 1 tank and the camo get put on it with choice of aircraft camo.


finally this will be a bit challenging for me as i am at mob station and while i have plenty of downtime at night to work the issue, i have to wait till i can get to the USO for my internet every few days. no wireless signal in the barracks :blink: so it may be a few days before i can get to your suggestion let alone reply. for anyone still patient enough to try to help me i thank you in advance.

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the having the tank skins in the skin folder trick only works if the tanks are part of the aircraft lod, iirc (like the stock 3W birds)


otherwise, it's the old hex-edit trick to create new tanks specific to a skin, which requires the End User ™ to change them manually on the Loadout Screen.


as to not showing up, is there a main ini, and a data ini IN the tank's folder? (i know it's a dumb question, but...)

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With the lightning F6 I had to create 2 tanks Tank_F6,and Tank_F6A 1st was grey tank and F6A ws green tank

They use the same lod,but create new folder for each with bmp same name but different colour scheme.



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thanks for replying and sorry bout taking so long. kinda stuck training out here in the american desert. to wrench i was afraid of that with the only for stock birds bit. good things my Phantoms are stock! also there was a data ini but i had to make a main ini. finally got them to show but only the left or right resulting in all green lights on the wingtips or all red! to russok thanks for the tip, another deployment project idea is to do up the norwegian AF now that north cape has working water bmp. kinda important with all the anti ship they expected to do. guess i'll check in another week from now....

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