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My JMSDF VF-14AJ and VF-14BJ Project

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The year was 1990. A young Rear-Admiral Takahide Aioi II (a JMSDF P-3C pilot and a briant Tactician) was finally able to see a dream realize when the Japanese Government re-drafted the important section of Article 9.


The new draft is now calling Article 9-1990. This new law permits all branches of the JSDF to conduct combat operations under UN resolutions and/or USN Pacific Fleet Command base on caseby case situations.


The article further stipulate that only combat operations that deem in the best interest of Japan will be authorize in conjunction with the UN resolutions and/or USN Pacific Fleet Command, and that Self Defense is still the primary duty of all JSDF.


The key significant of Article 9-1990 is that the JMSDF for the first time since WWII will be authorize to operate Fighter Squadrons in the JMSDF.


Rear-Admiral Aioi II has been advocating the return of fighter operations in the JMSDF since1982. Back then, Capt. Aioi II believe that in the future, all matters of interest that Japan will have will be greatly challenge by Russia, China, and North Korea.


Rear-Admiral Aioi II believes that the JASDF fighter force is insufficient to protect the interest of Japan other than within the ADZ areas.


He felt that in the future, Japan will not only be protecting its resource needs but to combat challenges to many of the disputed islands and the rich resources around those islands.


Rear-Admiral Aioi II advocated that since USN has a permanent aircraft carrier in Japan; why not collaborate on a joint force command structure.


His ideas is as follow:


JMSDF will require a fighter with excellent range and combat station loiter time. He believes the F-14 is the best fighter for that assignment.


He advocated the use of USN USS Kitty Hawk to be use by the JMSDF for pilot and aircraft carrier operational training and to be deploying as part of a joint task for with the USN fighter squadrons on quarterly bases.


He advocated that while deploy on USS Kitty Hawk, the JMSDF squadrons sole duty is to protect the carrier battle group if hostile actions was taken upon the carrier group. No offensive operations is allow other then tactical reconnisson if needed to supplement USN fightersquadrons on the carrier.


Since,the JMSDF has minimal naval bases with fix wing operations. He suggests that some of the JMSDF fighters quadrons will be base on key JASDF fighter bases in the country while during shore base. The JMSDF will be under the command of JASDF commanders while base at shore. This is in part to appease the JASDF higher command of any concern that the JASDF forces will be reduce due to the JMSDF growing fighter forces.


He advocated the selection of the fighter type for JMSDF to be off-the-shelf and be ready for delivery within 18 months of signing agreement.


He advocated that the selection of a "used" fighter type to be consider so as to reduce the manufacturing time and to avoid the long practice of extensive delivery cycle that is event in all JASDF acquisitions. Again, to appease the concerns of the Aerospace industries in Japan and to the JMSDF high command. Admiral Aioi II advocated that an upgrade program is to be determining if a “used” fighter type is selected.


He advocated that that the new JMSDF fighter structure should be similar to USN soto better jointly operate as a task force and to reduce the resources need to operate the type since JMSDF fighter forces will be in-sink with USN fighters quadrons.


As a result of Rear-Admiral Aioi II’s excellent and extensive report on how thenew JMSDF fighter force is to be structure.


The following occurred:




- I In1992, JMSDF selected the F-14A as its fighter.


- In 1993, a joint Mitsubishi Aircraft Heavy Industry and Northrop Grumman project was enacted to upgrade the used F-14A. The upgraded aircraft will be known as VF-14AJ “Valkyrie Zero.”


- Sixs quadrons will be form. The squadrons will be form base on historic JMSDF history and the significance of Japan’ssymbolism, culture, ideas, and popularity. The influence of USN will also play a part in how the squadron is form.


In1999, with the experience of the first Gulf War in the early 90’s and the numerous hostile incidents by North Korea; and the growing power of China’s Naval Forces. Consideration of additional squadrons to be form in the JMSDF was considered?


With the event of 9/11. The government of Japan quickly approves the increase in JMSDF fighter squadrons to a total of 10 squadrons. The later squadrons will operate the F-14B and be upgrade to VF-14BJ Valkyrie Zero. Many in JMSDF command advocated the use of F-14D that the USN was planning on retiring. But Admiral Aioi II insisted that a selection of a more advance and improve fighter to be made along with JASDF. He advocated that if a selection of “one” fighter type can be made to satisfy the JMSDF and the JASDF, a large saving will be made to both forces will being able to interoperate with great easy. In addition, if the one fighter selection type can also operate seamlessly with USN forces then a great seamless joint task force will be made and will provide great cost savings and efficient for the entire force structure.


Admiral Aioi II advocated the selection of JSF F-35C or the F/A-18E/F(International). Admiral Aioi II believes that the selection of the Super Hornet is the best choice due to the following:


1. The aircraft is ready for delivery.


2. The most advance radar and sensor combination (AESA with added features on the “international” version.


3. The JASDF can use the same aircraft to replace the F-4EJ_Kai and some of the older F-15Js.


4. The cheapest of all the possible candidates out there (currently).


5. The Super Hornet has a proven combat record and has a lot of room for growth.


6. The USN is operating the fighter. Which means reduce cost and excellent efficiency for the JMSDF.


7. The aircraft will operate seamlessly on the USN aircraft carriers.


8. Full industrial licensing with minimal restrictions to the aerospace industries of Japan.


9. A good stepping stone to the eventual F-35C operation.


JMSDF uses 4-digit code for all their aircraft. With the introduction of the fighter force, anew code was introduced. It is a 7-digit code and each squadron will have 15 fighters with the exception of VF-4. VF-4 will only have 10 aircraft since it is an Aggressor Squadron.






1. First digit is the code assign for fighter “1”


2. Second digit is assign as the year the fighter was delivered “1995”


3. Third digit is assign as a ‘extra room’ for squadron number “0”


4. Forth digit is assign as squadron number (VF-1)


5. The fifth through the seventh digit is the aircraft number (100)




The JMSDF consist of the following squadrons:




VF-1 Valkyrie (Varukiri) 15-01100 through 15-01115


VF-2 Skull (Dokuro) 16-02200 through 16-02215


VF-3 Wolf Pack (Ookami No Ichigun) 17-03300 through 17-03315


VF-4 Grim Reaper (Shinigami) “Aggressors” 18-04401 through 18-04410


VF-5 Sea Dragon 19-05500 through 19-05515


VF-6 Dragon Phoenix 10-06601 through 10-06616


VF-7 Samurai 13-07710 through 13-07725


VF-8 Ninja 14-08820 through 14-08835


VF-9 Crane 15-09900 through 15-09915


VF-10 Triden 16-10110 through 16-10126

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CAG VF-2, working on all CAG birds before the Line Birds

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moved to the What If Forum



really nice looking skins!!!

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Love Macross Zero! good.gif It is in the same arena as Yukikaze series! One of the best Anime in the WORLD! I wish we can see more of the stuff. But it seems there is nothing in the horizon?

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VF-4 CAG '401' Aggressors (revised the tail number, it was wrong before, and revised the JMSDF in Japanese).

VF-4 Squadron Leader '402' Aggressors (the rudder portion is off due to the template design, going to leave it as is).

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These are beautiful, but I have to ask: What terrain is that you're using??

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