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nearing completion of the Super Etendard, and during CarQuals, notice a new and wonderous glitch....

the damn thing won't catch the arresting wires -- on ANY carrier, stock or 3rdParty.


here's the hook statements: (the commented out sections are the originals -they don't work either)













obviously, it's "carrier ready"....




















cross-checked against USN birds (from Scooters to Phantoms, incudind the new DLC FN Cruze). Everything look right, but is just keeps missing the wires. Tested on the SCB125, CVA63, CV59, CVAN65, Nimitz -- everything including the (notavalible) Clem -which will catch the Cruze, btw-.


anybody have any ideas, cause I'm out of them

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It has absolutely nothing to do with its arrestor hook.


After carefully observing an AI carrier approach and landing, I realized that the FM needs revamping, as the model's diving for the deck. It in fact does so to such an extent, that it's registering more than 4 degrees of negative pitch on debug. I've successfully trapped aboard with the SuE, by coming in a bit nose high, just above a stall, and then flattening out at the last instant, greasing the mains onto the deck.

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this is with the 'new' revamped FM!!

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well, wadda expect from the Hunter9 FM!!! (other wise, it quite nice!!)

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I don't have the Super Entendard installed but from past experience with some other carrier planes the AI seems to require very slow and stable nose up approaches to trap successfully. Some things you could try doing are reducing the StallSpeed=xxx and/or the LandingSpeed=xxx in the flight control section of the aircraft data.ini. If the aircraft is unstable in pitch when approaching under AI control there are a few AI entries you could experiment with. These particular entries seem to become "active" after the aircraft passes waypoint #8 and enters the approach phase.






A lot of experimenting may be required when adjusting these entries. Also, pitch oscillations on approach can vary depending on weight. I try to set them up with about 25% fuel and no ammo or external stores.

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i'll hae a look at those .. i know the landingspeed entry isn't even there...


thanks guys!

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that's got it! Baff's tweeks, plus a few other ones lets this puppy trap every time


now, just waiting for Sony to approve the use of the 2 skins I got from C6, finish the readme ... and upload they go! (2 versions!)


gents, I thank you! :hi:

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