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FE2b ArcMod for Over Flanders Fields Phase 3

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FE2b ArcMod for Over Flanders Fields Phase 3

This version of ArcMod increases the arc of fire for the Fe2b. It includes only this aircraft. It's recommended for use along with the main version of ArcMod, which does the same thing for the other OFF 2-seaters (except the fixed-gun BE2c and the FE2b).


Though I left it out of ArcMod originally, having since flown the 'Fee' more often, I decided to do an Arcmod for it, too.


The changes I have made to the arcs of fire for the FE2b's front and rear Lewis Guns are as follows:


Front gun:

- max elevation reduced from 60 degrees to 45 degrees;

- max depression increased from 20 to 25 degrees;

- max traverse increased from 90 degrees left and right, to 110 degrees (0=straight ahead)

Rear gun

- max depression increased from 0 degrees to 10 degrees


The main results are the front gun has a better all-round field of fire, including very slightly to the rear (except upwards, where the unrealistic 60 degree limit is somewhat reduced); and the rear gun can now fire slightly down to the rear, between the wings and the lattice tail, reducing somewhat the very wide blind spot.


Flying or gunning a Fee, you will now be a more dangerous foe; attacking one, you will no longer be able to sit behind him in safety, but will need to come in lower to avoid return fire.


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