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Capitaine Vengeur

70 years ago

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70 years ago, this single week saw two of the main turning points of WW2. On 5 December 1941, the frozen exhausted German armies in Russia stopped their advance 12 miles to Moscow. And on this same day, the powerful Soviet reserves (that the Germans thought could not exist) launched a general counter-offensive, skiers brigades in the lead. They missed by few to surround and completely obliterate the immobilized German armies, formerly victorious in Blitzkrieg on the previous seasons in Russia, and on all other places in Europe before.


Two days later, on Sunday, December 7, the Imperial Japanese Navy crossed the Rubicon (or climbed Mount Niitaka, the code was), and launched on Oahu the bombs the Americans expected to see fall on the Philippines. North America and East Asia entered what had become an actual global total war.


[ MiG-3 model by Capun, skins by Gramps & Charles, terrain by Edward – Wings over Russia is great! ]



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Interesting you poast the MiG~3, as its my second fave aeroplane, after F~106, designed as a mass production high altitude high speed interceptor, and in the right hands excelled as a high altitude tactical fighter, as did the P-38 designed for the same role, although originally planned to be hand built in limited numbers.


I read an account by a Bf-109 pilot there, during that stalled winter. He heard the news about Dec.7 the day after, but was so busy trying to keep frozen airplanes flying and dealing with the Soviet counterattack, only weeks later did he have a few minutes of time to stop and think, and he wrote that's when he realized that the war was lost back on the 7th.


Very interesting about the two campaigns. Pearl and Barbarossa. So many parallels. Many think Stalin allowed the Germans to attack. Many think Roosevelt allowed the Japanese to attack. I got Admiral Theobald's book Final Secret of Pearl Harbor about this, but have not read it yet. I can believe it -- because I have long known about the banking debt system being set as a trap around the USA, and others, at that time, and Roosevelt's confiscation of gold from Americans -- can you believe that when you stop and think about it?


okay this, short PDF, the text is selected excerpts from pages of Theobald's book.


PDF ~> http://www.richardsorge.com/literature/books/finalsecretofpearlharbor.pdf

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the frozen exhausted German armies in Russia stopped their advance 12 miles to Moscow

There's an IKEA now marking that spot.

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