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Been a stressful past few months, with bills, an auto accident, behind in work at the office, family events, etc.


But this made it all better...


After sitting in traffic and dealing with aggressive drivers on 95N in Delaware on my way to visit relatives in NJ and NY, I saw this bad boy streaking out of New Castle airport.mig21_02.jpg


At first I thought; "Holy sh!@# that can't be what I think it is. NO mutha f!@$kin way!" (#actual words to my my wife's dismay who was sleeping in passenger's seat).




"That is a freaking Fishbed!" (*edited and paraphrased)


Then this immediately came to mind



"Screw visiting the parents! Honey get your $#*t! in gear! We are heading west to the mountains, we need to get supplies and some ammunition!" "The damn communist are invading!!!"


Low and behold it was privately owned Mig-21 which is based in Delaware.



I am use to seeing US military stuff all the time. F-16s, C-17s, C-130s, and KC-135s are a frequent occurrences here. I can recall days of getting to watch F-14s and A-6s do touch and gos as well. But that Mig-21 was truly a thing to see, and the best Christmas gift I could have ever gotten.


Merry Christmas to all!!!

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New Castle Couty AP's right next to route 13. I used to pass by there on my way to and from Virginia at least once a week, when I was working on a project down there.


I recall seeing, and telling Dave about that '21. There's also been a '23 there on occasion.


If you should stop at the McDonald's just south of there, be forwarned: Buy an extra order of fries for the birds in the parking lot, or the sea gulls will take hostages when you attempt to leave :grin:

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Years back I was driving home from uni, going south on US 1 approaching St. Augustine airport, and up ahead low I saw an oily black cloud rise above the distant horizon, then another black cloud. The first was a MiG-15 followed by F-86, taking off to the north, over me. hahaa that was sweet. Lots of dirty exhaust when viewed head on.

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