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MidWest USA Terrain for SF2

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MidWest USA Terrain for SF2

MidWest USA Terrain for SF2


= For SF2, Any and All (Full-4 Merged Reccomended)


This map represents the Central section of the North American continent; from the Great Lakes in the east as far west/north as Regina SK, and as far south as Tulsa Oklahoma (destroyed/occupied) and pretty much all points in-between. The original base map, centered around Omaha, Nebraska, is/was the basis for FastCargo's "Super Secret Mod". This is a =highly= expanded version. Rivers include the Mississippi, Missouri, Platte, Assiniboine & Soruis, all the waterways and canals interconnecting the Great Lakes, and so forth. Lots to see and do here!!!


The map takes place in a "What If..." world of a partly Occupied America; something along the lines of "The Wingman" novels, the TV series 'Jericho', the movie "Red Dawn" (always a favorite!) and any number of Post-Apocalyptic scenarios. It will fit any timeframe from the mid-1950s through the Present Day (ie: my "Global Sedition vs the North American Alliance" kinda thing).


This map make use of the Limited Nations statement, as well as the Allowed Mission Type. This is due to there =not= being any shipping routes for the Blue side to attack; all those routes are within Blue territory, so only the Red side can use them. All others are active.


Geophysical Disclaimer: some rivers and other water features may not follow their Real Life ™ courses, or be placed in their Real Life ™ locations, or even exist as such. Several cities and other physical features may also fall into that classification (ie: mountains, hills, valleys, etc). Some cities may also NOT have all their proper Real Life ™ industries, facilities and other building classifications, or be fully loaded with 'target objects'. Accuracy has been strived for in all cases, to reflect the Real World ™. As much as is possible with this Engine.


This map also makes use of the 'Expanded Borders' mod, wherein you make changes to the FlightEngine.ini. Instructions on making this adjustment are included (if you haven't already).


Several 'new' GroundObjects are included, some modified from others, some you may already have. All are SF2 compliant and may not be 'down convertable' for 1stGen usage. As I don't mod 1stGens anymore ... Many more GOs are required; you should have them already for other terrain mods. If not, its up to YOU to get them. All the usual suspects, of course (SAMs, vehicles, ships, AAA units, truck, tanks, dinosaurs, etc)


As expected, there are several Easter Eggs -- you'll find them if you look hard enough. As a matter of fact, the largest Easter Eggs =EVER= placed on ANY terrain in SF series history are on this map.

There are also several target items that will "turn on" after a set year; this being the year of construction or start-of-existence (for a certain shipping company, some buildings and bridges).


As always, unzip this to a temp folder or your desktop, and you'll have access to the rest of the readme for it's instructions. It's reccomended (ie: REQUIRED!!!) you read the document through after unzipping before installing. As always, the Notes and Other Nonesense section may make for entertaining reading. It's most important that the disclaimer be read, as there are a couple of 'permisison only' items used, that CANNOT be used elsewhere with their creator' approval.


Happy Hunting!


kevin stein


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I saw the Sears Tower! Pretty cool!

Gonna go hunt for Mt. Rushmore

Can't quite get to Cleveland; which may not be a bad thing :wink2:


Thanks for the terrain.

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mount rushmore don't exist*, and Cleveland would have been 40+ tiles east of The Wall


*meaning I couldn't get a 3d guy to make one (as the really good on in 3dWarehouse wasn't downloadable), with Dave's face replacing TRs

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