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Harder Ground Objects

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OK Things are moving quickly as per my house move and soon for a few months I will be off line until I land and settle at the next address. Even then I cant even guarantee when or if I will get back online.


So, I offer the following for modifying ground objects. This has been made possible thanks to advice from Wrench and Capun.


YOu will need to extract the data.inis for the various ground objects.



In GroundObjectData swapping out DestroyedEffect to VehicleFireEffect keeps the destruction of the trucks to a minimal but more beleivable level.





//DestroyedEffect=SmallBombEffect <---

DestroyedEffect=VehicleFireEffect <---





Then in Truck changing the Max and MinExtentPosition numbers reduces the hit box. The ones shown are almost like the ones Capun suggested. I think they might yet be reduced, but i leave it to you all to decide what settings are best.

After the Min/Max details add the lines HasArmor=True through to Armor[bottom].Thickness=50. I advise fiddling with the numbers here. I didnt mind '50' it seemed to fit with firing .303 bullets (I have personal experience with Lee Enfields and Bren guns), but again I leave it with you to set to your own likes.





MaxExtentPosition= 1.10, 1.66, 1.70 <---damage box

MinExtentPosition=-1.10,-1.59, 1.55 <---damage box




















Finally you can blank out all the DetachNOde items, as shown, which stops the destruction graphics in keeping with the DestroyedEffect in GroundObjectsData above.

I was tinkering with blanking only some of the DetachNodes to have a wheel or gate fall off, but I think you would need to renumber the ones left working eg











Not all the truck data inis are exactly the same but the lines above are pretty standard and its all a fairly forgiving program anyway.


Sorry I cant deliver a finished project but time is defeating me. Testing is a time consuming business and I wasnt sure sometimes about what I was seeing in the game. Generally I would attack several trucks in turn on a single mission. Sometimes the second or third trucks still fell to the first burst, maybe I just got lucky.


I also started adding the armor lines to the observation balloons which from what I've read werent all that easy to burn even with Buckingham ammunition.


Good luck and a Happy New Year to you all.

Hope to get back here asap to discover more about this great WW1 flight sim.


Cheers Grinseed.

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Many thanks for thoughtfully making the 'beta' available to everyone before you 'go dark'! :drinks:

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