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Palestine theatre

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Hello all! I'm working (very slowly) to bring a new theater to FE: the Palestine one.

As I'm using Wrench's WWI Palestine terrain, I think it's gonna be for FE2 only (although I think the terrain can be converted to FE1 standard, some of you could test it)


I'm planning to make the entire war in mini-campaigns of a month-10 missions. This method is useful to simulate historical front changes and the player can change plane or unit month to month (in France you can follow you fav unit from Cambrai to Verdun or Vogesen, for example, or as most Germans, start as two seater pilot, and then change to fighter pilot....


I'm going to start about February 1917 (just the time German units were receiving their brand new Rumplers with front machine guns)


The map needs some work. Palestine wasn't a static front and maybe we need some changes in targets to Friendly to Enemy early in the war, and the contrary later in the war. You know, at start Gaza was in Turkish hands, later, Entente forces took Gaza, then Jerusalem, etc. Maybe various map versions are required. I have no idea about how to make this and the ground war, but I'll try to do my best...


Planeset and order of battle: I need to read more about British and Australian units. I have all information I need about German and Turkish units. Until now:



-Albatros CIII. Done.

-Albatros DIII. Done (stock)

-Albatros DV and DVa. Done (stock)

-DFW CV. Done (stock)

-Fokker EIII. Done. (Well, there were only two Fokkers and a Pfalz EI in entire Palestine, but we can have a small mini-unif of 4 or 6 Fokkers for better gameplay)

-Pfalz DIIIa. Done.

-LVG CV. We don't have these. We can use DFWs instead. (they arrived at this front at about same time)

-Rumpler CIV. Same as LVG

-AEG CIV. Not done. Used by Turkish and Germans. We could go with a mix of Albatros CIII and DFWs...

-Rumpler CI. VERY important aircraft for this theater. Used as recon, bomber and main German figther until nearly 1918!!! At the moment I'm using the DFW CV model with a custom FM reflecting Rumpler one (I hope!)

-No Halberstadt here, nor Turkish fighter units, only Germans.

-BE2c. Done

-BE 12. Well, In Peter01 FMs set there is a moddified BE2c with only the pilot and a front machine gun. I have made a BE 12 FM for this one (far from perfect, but...)

-Bristol M1C. Done

-Bristol F2b 190 and 260 Hp. Done

-DH2. Done

-DH-9. Well, we can use the DH-4...

-Martynside. Done (old model, but it works)

-Nieuport 17. Done

-RE 8. Done (stock)

-Bristol Scout. Done.

-SE5a. Done (stock)

-SPAD 7. Done (stock). Not sure about this one. I think was used in Mesopotamia, not in Palestine (same as Halberstadt)


Campaigns: I need to know more about allied units, need to mod the map, frontlines and make some ground war (you know, CAS missions)


Other things: I'll make a modded Nations.ini, giving Turkish realistic WWI ranks (done) and some medals for Turkish and Germans (WIP)


Well, I'm open to all ideas and help you can provide. If the project is too big, maybe we can make something smaller, as the Gaza or the Meggido campaign...

Thank you all!!!

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I only have FEG, so I won't be able to use the Palestine terrain unless someone can downgrade it. But I will still help when I can.


I've been planning on making a Rumpler CI and I have all the resources gathered, A DH9 has also been requested and I'm researching it. I'll start with those two.


I don't know if you've seen this site yet:



It lists all the aircraft used by the Ottoman Empire in WWI, including captured planes, and includes some information about how they were deployed.

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Maybe I'll do the terrain experiment in FE Gold when time available. I'll tell you.

A true Rumpler would be fantastic. This is a very good theatre for two seaters (only a handful of opposing fighters). In fact the two best planes were the Rumpler (early in the war) and the F2B later. I like the DH as well, but there is something sexy about German two seaters...

How about some Cavalry or camels?


Very good site, by the way. Another good one with a very interesting reading:



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Good on you Ojcar for this project.

As for the Australian squadron, AFC1, you will probably get more information than you need at the following site:


The AFC site has been run by Cam Riley for what seems ages. I recall he created AFC skins early on for RB3d.

Anyway good luck with this, I know it is in good hands.


Cheers Grinseed


ps if you manage to create any missions for this upgrade I hope you will include the Handley Page bomber that was sent out to help encourage Lawrence's Arabs for the Allies.

Edited by Grinseed

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reverting/converting/perverting back to 1stGens isn't that hard for terrains


basically, follow these instructions in reverse (kinda sorta)




and MOST IMPORTANT!!! you must have the SF/SF2 Desert terrain in you FE/FEG/FE2 /Terrains folder to make it work!


at the very worst, you take your 08 level Desert_Data.ini and copy the top sections (from the very top to the 1st instance of tile listing; iirc, it's Sea1.tga) into the Palestine_Data.ini. (but NOT eliminated that tile listing!)


If somebody can't get it right, let me know and I'll pervert back for ya's.

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major edit:


I just looked over the Palestine_Data.ini, and the one in my FE2 install is dated 10/9/2009, and STILL has all the 1stGen statements (ie: using the 08 level fx statements)


so, for those with FE/FEG, it should just drop right in and work (provided, of course, you have the 08 Desert.cat)


if the inis need tweeking, gimme a shout!

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Hello, Wrench! A little question for you: I'd like to start with Gaza and Beer Sheva in Turkish hands. Later in British hands. Later, British taking Jerusalem, etc I suposse I must change the Targets.ini (changing Friendly to Enemy the targets, etc. So We'll need some different versions of same terrain in the install. Is that correct, or editing the frontline in the campaign files will suffice? There are more files I must change?

Thank you i advance!

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I don't know if some of the regular 'tricks' work in FE, but changing sides is just a text edit. IF the 'ActiveYear=' tag is valid in FE, you can turn on the Royal Army stuff near Gaza around 1917 or something (iirc, I set the map time frame around 1915)


if the year edit works, it's be something like this:



Name=Royal Army Camp, Gaza



ActiveYear=1917 <--- was 1915







same for the RA strongpoint outside the camp/city


then, the city of Gaza would change to Location=8 (for Ottoman Palestine)


I'm not much of a campaign guy; but I think most can done with in the campaign ini


should be able to use the one, base terrain, maybe with different inis depending on year or whatever (again, I'm not knowledgable in that area) Give Baltika a shout; he's a Campaign Guru!

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OK, this is my first "campaing from the start experience". All my othe campaigns (and I have done a lot for my use) are modded from existing campaigns. So it's gonna be alot of testing (and trial and error)...


I think the Types.ini needs some work. I have seen things in it like parked Bf-110s, etc....The ActiveYear will do the trick.


For the changing map (simulating the dynamic front), I'll test various things (maybe even the Jonesoft mod enabler could be useful). Wrench, as all the other people (including Baltika, of course) wants to participate, you are welcome. The final package will not include any object not purposely built for this mod (I'm talking about planes, vehicles, etc), to avoid issues with Capun's Skunkworks or other people (who are welcome to participate if They want nevetheless)

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I have seen things in it like parked Bf-110s

what, never heard of time warps??? :rofl:


it was easier to just leave things in the _types ini from the WW2 mod, rather the rebuild/renumber. I take it you added a year to the ActiveDate= line in their object listing? (it was 0 before, so they'd show for WW2)


I'm still tied up with Central America, and staring rework on Gepard Persian Gulf, but if you need help, just shout out!


the tiling and city placemtns and such should be about right; so hopefully I won't have to rebuild a TE for that

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No problem, Wrench. It's an very easy edit. I can manage it (I think). Besides, I'm not in a hurry. I'm working veeery slowly in this project (about 4 weeks, be sure, instead the standard two weeks, you know...). I think the most difficult are the frontlines and the ground war. Very difficult to test things in the map if whenever you go to the brieffing map in a campaign/mission, the game CTD...

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