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Hi!!! Is there anyone interested in creating a new terrain, including western Greenland, Iceland, Scotland ans the Norwegian Sea, with a small part of the Scandinavian Peninsula?? If you are, just PM, I'd like to help!!! I cannot do it myself. The problem is the terrain does not include water. Where there should be water, ther are grass tiles. No water whatsoever. I have converted the .TGA into .BMP, everything. I'm attaching two images: No. 1 is the height map; No. 2 is the texturized map. They are in the same section, you'll see there's no water. I'm using WoE, Oct. 2008 patch.



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for starters is this the right section?



Shouldn't be in Sf/SF2 mod one?

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well, i can tell you right off the bat, 98% of that land will be unsable, as it either too close or behind The Wall.


Safe to assume that "auto texture" and "transition textures" didn't work??? (notwithstanding the fact that you'll still be hand-tileing the coastlines for proper transitions)



for those wishing to actually see the images, I offer these below, converted from bmp (who uses that anymore for images???) to jpg so as to see what's what


and to the point I was mentioning....about the transitions somehow, they're out of order - mine's the 'desert tiled' screenie)

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